JJ Outer Banks – A Few Interesting Facts To Know About Netflix Actor

JJ Outer Banks

JJ Outer Banks, or whom we also know as JJ Maybank is one of the most favourite characters of Netflix’s Outer Banks. Yes, he may look like a bad boy from the outside. However, if you do catch up on his backstory, then you’d also realise that he has one of the saddest stories in the show. 

So, for those of you who know, let us remind you that JJ is a member of the Pogue. In addition, he is also one of the oldest childhood friends of John B. So, JJ exudes energy, and impulse and also he has a wild personality. 

Moreover, he also works as a comic relief on the show Outer Banks. Whether it’s JJ outer banks toothpick scene or any other, we have to say that the actor nails the role perfectly. What’s more, we also feel sad when we learn about his backstory. 

JJ Outer Banks

So, if you want to know more about JJ Maybank from the show Outer Banks, then you are at the right place. Here we will share a few amazing facts about JJ’s life. So, now’s the time to follow this article and learn all the stuff that you need to know about JJ. 

Here Are A Few Facts About JJ Maybank

If you want to know about JJ Outer Banks, then you are at the right place. As we mentioned earlier, JJ is one of the most interesting characters in this Netflix show. So, he has a lot of dark secrets that we should tell you here. 

He had A Rough & Abusive Childhood

According to the sources, it’s worth noting that in his childhood, JJ lived in with his dad and it was an abusive atmosphere for him. For instance, his father lived surrounded by alcohol and drugs. Quite naturally, this did affect poor JJ Maybank. 

So, that’s the reason why he spent a lot of time in his pal, John B’s house. It was a real home to him where he could actually get a breather. Of course, the JJ Outer Banks actor did a fabulous job to portray the role of Maybanks. 

An Absent Mother

The Netflix series Outer Banks has a few great moments with JJ. Whether it’s the JJ outer banks hot tub scene or his frequent wild rides, JJ surely captures the screen quite well. However, there’s one character that we do not know as of yet, and that is, his mother. 

Yes, JJ has an absent mother and the directors haven’t shared any definite clues about the identity of his mother as well. According to the sources, JJ’s dad blamed JJ for his mother leaving. But we don’t know where she went in the first place. So, devoid of a maternal figure in his life, JJ surely had a rough childhood. 

He Carries A Gun For A Reason

According to the sources, JJ carries a gun and that’s something that we know from the episodes. When Grubbs goes missing after a hurricane, Pogues found that his boat was sinking. So, they dove into the water and eventually found a motel room. In that room, the group found a gun in the safe. According to the sources, JJ’s abusive childhood was the reason why he keeps a gun. In fact, he is also constantly attacked by the Kooks and that’s another reason we can cite. 

So, these were some of the cool facts that you should know about JJ. if you have JJ Outer Banks wallpaper in your room, then you surely wanted to know more about your favorite character. It’s true that he is one of the main faces of this series.

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