Fascinating Details On Melissa Cohen, The Wife Of Hunter Biden

Melissa Cohen Biden

Everybody knows Melissa Cohen Biden as the doting wife of Hunter Biden, who is Joe Biden’s younger son. In addition, we know that Joe Biden is currently the President of the USA, and therefore, people are curious to know about his family affairs. 

So, as it stands, Melissa is the second wife of Hunter Biden, according to the reports. The family keeps their private life hidden from the media’s eyes, but recently, we got to know a lot about Hunter and his wife. 

Joe Biden’s family has gone through a lot. For example, he himself had a terribly nightmarish past, as his first wife died in a sheer tragedy. Moreover, his son, Hunter, also had problems with alcohol. However, it’s also true that he has left his past life and now started on a new journey with his wife, Mellisa. 

So, who is Melissa Cohen, and what’s her history anyway? Well, if you are curious to know more about the wife of Hunter Cohen, then give this article a read. Then, we shall talk about her life, for example, her earlier life, biography, etc. In addition, we shall discuss some of the interesting facts about her as well. So, if you want to know more about her, then give this article a read. 

Quick Bio:Wikis

✅ Real Name ✔ Melissa Cohen
✅ Birthday ✔ 1988
✅ Famous for ✔ Hunter Biden’s wife
✅ Zodiac Sign ✔ Cancer
✅ Nationality ✔ American
✅ Age ✔ 33 Year Old
✅ Profession wife of Hunter Biden
✅ Married/Husband ✔ Hunter Biden (m. 2019)
✅ Net Worth ✔ N/A
✅ Parents ✔ Lee Cohen, Zoe Cohen
✅ Children ✔ Beau Biden Jr.

Melissa Cohen Biden: The Wife Of Hunter Biden

Well, people mainly know her as the wife of Hunter Biden, who is also one of the most prominent personalities in the US. So, both of them met each other at the beginning of May 2019 and, after that, formed a relationship. 

In fact, there’s not much to tell about their dating life because they soon became pretty close to each other. In other words, their relationship grew pretty quickly. According to the sources, it wasn’t even a week from the day they met when the hunter proposed her to be his wife. 

After Hunter’s proposal, she agreed, and they decided to marry. In fact, what’s interesting is that they married the day after. So, we can see that it was almost like love at first sight for them. 

Since our focus is on the wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, we shall discuss some interesting details of her life now. So, let’s check out her biography if you want to know more about her. 

Melissa cohen : Biographical Details

Melissa Cohen, the wife of Hunter Biden, is a South African personality. She was born in the year 1988, and therefore, she is about 33 years old as of 2021. Her birthplace is in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, we know that she had a first marriage, which we will be coming to later in this article. 

Furthermore, she is an avid lover of nature as well. In fact, she is a wildlife enthusiast who is also a terrific filmmaker. It’s also interesting that she co-owns trivial worlds that work to promote indigenous conservation. 

However, as we said earlier, the large portion of her popularity is indeed due to her being the wife of Hunter Biden. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that her husband is currently one of the top legal advisors in the USA. 

Her Height And Body Measurements

So, if you want to know about her height and other body measurements, let us give you the details. Melisa is about 168 cm, or 5 ft 6 inches tall. In addition, she weighs about 55 kgs or 121lb in pounds. She has silky and gorgeous short blonde hair. In addition, she also has sparkling blue eyes that add beauty to her face. She is also a woman of a lean figure who flaunts a measurement of 35-25-36. 

Her Education And Family Details

From her very childhood, she has been pretty good at studies. Though there’s no information about her educational background, like her school and university, we do know that she has had a pretty good educational life. 

Moreover, Melissa’s parents are Lee Cohen and Zoe Cohen, respectively. She also belongs to a Jewish family and has liberal sympathies as a devout Jew. In addition, she is also of the white race along with being a jew. It’s also worth mentioning that she has a brother, Gary, who lives in South Africa. 

Melissa Cohen Biden Career

As we said earlier, she is a lover of nature, and therefore, she is a wildlife enthusiast. Moreover, she is a pretty good filmmaker as well. In addition, she is the co-owner of the company of the tribal world, which looks to promote indigenous conservation. 

Moreover, she is also the wife of Joe Biden’s younger son, Hunter Biden, and therefore, has received a lot of fame and recognition. It’s also worth noting that she recently appeared at Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of America. 

A Bit On Her Marriage

Well, we have already covered her marriage to Hunter Biden. However, it’s also worth telling that she tied knots with her husband in a small ceremony that they held with close family members at her Los Angeles apartment. 

So, her husband is the son of America’s 46th president Joe Biden. As for his profession, he is an American lawyer working in counsel to Boies, Schiller, LLP. In other words, he is a proficient legal advisor.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hunter had some problems with alcohol. However, he recently said how his wife helped her during the tough moments and stood by his side in an interview. Therefore, he has overcome those addictions and has started a new life. He has become a father as well, as the couple welcomed their baby boy Beau last year. 

Some Facts On Melissa’s Life

So, are you curious to know more about Melissa Cohen Biden? We have some wonderful facts about her life that tells us more about her as a person. In fact, there are some shocking revelations as well. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of those facts. 

Raised By A Tribeswoman

First up, we have a bizarre fact about her life. Melissa claimed that her parents adopted her. However, before her adoption, she spent a few years being raised by a tribeswoman of Africa. Therefore, we can see her love for nature which is in her blood. Moreover, she also halls herself the ‘Jungle girl’ and says that her native tongue is Xhosa, a tribal dialect. 

However, people don’t believe her story and say that she has said these things to gain publicity. 

This Isn’t Her First Marriage

So, it’s worth mentioning that Hunter Biden isn’t the first husband of Melissa Cohen. Previously, she tied knots with the entrepreneur Jason Landver. So, their marriage lasted about three years, 2011-2014. According to the reports, she met Landver after moving to LA at the age of just 21. Moreover, a few weeks before she met the love of her life, hunter, she ended the relationship with her boyfriend, Rob Mendez. 

Flaunting The Matching ‘Shalom’ Tattoos

Cohen’s father Lee, in an interview, has said that he is happy for her daughter because she has found the love of her life. He added that her daughter seems happy now with Hunter. So yes, it’s true that the couple is really happy, and it shows even more because of their matching tattoos.

During an interview in 2019, Biden told the reporter that he and his wife Melissa have matching ‘Shalom’ Tattoos, a nod to their Jewish heritage. Those of you who don’t know what this is, well, they got the tattoos of the Hebrew word for peace. 

Hunter said, “I instantly fell in love with her. And then I’ve fallen in love with her more every day”. 

Not A Fan of Trump

On her Facebook profile, Melissa Cohen Biden has posted a lot of criticism on former US President Donald Trump. In fact, in February 2018, Cohen posted a meme of Elon Musk, saying that musk shouldn’t have been allowed to emigrate to the US under Trump’s proposed immigration policies. 

In fact, in 2017 November, she also referred to the former US president as an ‘evil orange goon,’ who was ‘doing his absolute best to destroy everything pure, right and natural”. 

Therefore, we can see that she isn’t a fan of trump and despises him a lot. But, on the contrary, she heaped praises on former President Obama. 

Melissa Helped Hunter To Kick The Addiction 

We know that Hunter Biden suffered from a rough patch in his life, where he had an addiction to drugs and alcohol. In fact, when he met Melissa, he was still under the addiction. However, it was Melissa Cohen Biden who helped bring back her husband into sobriety. 

Therefore, she confiscated all of his car keys, computer, phone, and wallet and deleted all the contacts except immediate family members. Moreover, when the drug dealers knocked on the doors of her husband, she dispatched them vehemently. 

After a period, her husband was finally able to say goodbye to his addiction. He heaps praises on her wife, who made it all possible. 

Final Thoughts:

So these were some of the most interesting facts on Melissa Cohen’s life. She has indeed become a lot more popular as the wife of Hunter Biden. However, her own life is also quite interesting.

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