Beau Bridges: Some Fun Facts You Must Know

Beau Bridges
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Beau Bridges came into the world just two days after the attack on Pearl Harbour. Because of a power blackout, his mother gave birth to him by candlelight. He is the son of actor Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Dean Bridges. Indeed, Dorothy is the college sweetheart of Lloyd. In fact, Beau Bridges derives his name from Ashley Wilkes’ son in Gone with the Wind. His parents were reading this text at the time and they immediately nicknamed their son Beau. Entrancing isn’t it ? To have your name anchored in literature … 

Jeff and Beau Bridges are brothers. Jeff too is a phenomenal actor. Beau, Jeff and Lucinda (their younger sister) are knit in a warm, close intimacy. Throughout his life, Beau has been a true elder brother. Indeed, he served as a surrogate father for Jeff during their childhood, when their father was preoccupied with work. They had another brother, Garrett, who died during his birth… sudden infant death syndrome. This shadow of death made the siblings come even closer and they share a tight bond of sweet filial strength and harmony. Beau and his siblings grew up in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles. 

During his boyhood days, Beau manifested interest in basketball. Indeed, in his freshman year he played at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In fact, he got the guidance of the legendary coach John Wooden. Thus, not following the convention of embarking on a career of acting, Beau rather focussed on non-acting endeavours. He sparked an interest in sports … basketball. Beau migrated to the University of Hawaii afterwards. In fact, in 1959 he enrolled his name in the United States Coast Guard Reserve. There he served his duties for eight long years. 

You will be moved to learn that Beau is also passionate about playing guitar. In fact, he dedicatedly nurtures a collection of Native American percussion instruments. Let us tell you that Beau shares a closest bond with Nature. The ocean beckons him and he loves swimming and surfing. Not only this but also he is active when it comes to environmental causes and handgun control. 

Beau Bridges movies

Career trajectory, Beau Bridges movies

In 1948, we see Bridges’ awe-inspiring juvenile performance in Force of Evil. The same year he portrayed the character of Bertram in No Minor Voices. The next year, he dawned on the horizon of Hollywood to perform in the film The Red Pony. Indeed, The Loner, Mr. Novak, The Fugitive are few of the several films that immortalised Beau’s career as an actor. Indeed, throughout the 1970s and 1980s he steadily climbed the ladder of success and fame. During that time he discovered himself as a character artist. Thus, we saw him in feature films like The Landlord, The Other Side of the Mountain, Heart Like a Wheel, and Greased Lightning. 

In 1989, the Bridges brothers delivered their remarkable performance in The Fabulous Baker Boys. Indeed, Beau’s performance in the film Smile represented his personal beliefs in helping others. Gradually, over the years, Beau evolved into a character of potential on the CBS television show The Millers. In the show,he portrays the character of Tom with uncompromising honesty and aesthetic sincerity. Tom meets with divorce after forty-three years of marriage. Thus, we see him relocating with his daughter, driving her crazy. 

Since then, we saw Bridges in several films which include Underdog Kids and Lawless Range. 

Beau Bridges net worth

Beau Bridges net worth

His irresistible deathless performances in films and shows like Voyage of the Unicorn, Bloodline, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Stargate SG-1 earned him a daunting net worth of $16 million. Answering the most asked question, how old is Beau Bridges, let us tell you he is 81 years old. Thus, in the dream-crossed twilight of his life, he proudly looks back at the harvest he has reaped with his own efforts and abilities..


1. How old is Beau Bridges? 

Beau Bridges is 81 years old

2. When did Beau Bridges die? 

He still continues to be alive… a vital old man. 

3. Why did Beau Bridges leave Black-ish? 

In Black-ish we see how Bow is coming to terms with the loss of her father, Paul (Beau Bridges). 

4. Who is Beau Bridges brother? 

The two brothers Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges share a strong spirit of brotherhood and filial bonding that inspires us all.

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