Milana Vayntrub (@mintmilana) • How Far the AT&T Girl lily has Reached?


In the AT&T Girl lily commercials, you have always seen a certain face and they become as if your family because they stick to the brand for a long time. In fact, it can months or years that we see a certain figure in a tv commercial. So, naturally, we feel curious, if we don’t see them often in those commercials. Therefore, we begin to question their sudden disappearance. 

The Stunning Transformation Of The AT&T Girl, Milana Vayntrub

So, a very common face in the commercials these days is Lily, the AT&T girl. People also know her as an AT&T girl. Moreover, Lily’s real name is Milana Vayntrub. In fact, she is also the director of the commercial she stars in. in addition to her being lily, she also has some acting credits such as in the roles of ‘This is us’, ‘house of lies’, Californication as well as ‘silicon valley. Moreover, the actress also played a role in her own sci-fi series ‘Other Space’.

Lily AT&T

Vayntrub got into the role of Lily AT&T back in 2013. Thereafter, she has been a familiar face to the millions. However, there was a certain something that led to a controversy and she decided on something. In this article, we will talk about the AT&T girl Lily, Vayntrub, and what happened to her. 

Let’s Talk About Milana A bit AT&T Girl

Well, fans might like to know a quick biography of the star. So, she was born in the year 1987, on March 8th in Uzbekistan, Russia. Therefore, she is currently 34 years old. Moreover, her zodiac sign is Pisces. 

As for her profession, she is a model, comedian, and actress. In fact, her religion is Judaism. Moreover, her nationality is American and Uzbek. The actress belongs to the Caucasian, Jewish ethnicity. As for her height, she is about 5ft 3 inches tall. In addition, she weighs around 56 kg. She also has beautiful light brown hair. 

Who is AT&T Girl

The actress also had a very promising educational phase. Firstly, she studied in the Beverly Hills high school. Thereafter, She did a Bachelor of Arts in communication for graduation. As for her Alma Mater, it was the University of California.  The actress also has a nice hobby. She likes gymnastics. Moreover, she has a net worth of $500’000.

Facing Harassment For The AT&T Girl Commercial

Nobody likes to face harassment for something they love to do. However, Milana Vyantrub faced a lot of harassment in percent times due to her popularity. Therefore, she opened up on a major change. Well, we won’t see the actress in her full profile anymore. In other words, she won’t show her full body in the ads of AT&T. 

In fact, people also noticed this quickly enough. She hid behind a counter in the newest AT&T commercial. However, in the past, she used to show her full body to the camera. So naturally, people became curious because of the sudden change of the actress. Many began to question her sudden change and asked for the reasons. Therefore, people went to social media sites and asked with hashtags. 

AT&T Girl Commercial

Well, Vayntrub has commented on Twitter on this. So, she said that she received a lot of hate comments because of showing her body in the ads. People were like asking why she placed her body in those ads. However, as she is a director of the show, she has every right to place her body however she wants. Therefore, she says that people have lost that privilege now, because of those hateful comments. In addition, she felt unsafe about it as well. 

However, this only added fuel to the fire. Later on, people rained a lot more harassment onto her. In addition, there were a lot of sarcastic and hate speeches. One of them even said, “ Really impressive how many dudes think they should respond to this by commenting on her body. 

2020 Was A Dark Phase For AT&T Girl Lily

It’s needless to say that it was really a tough phase for the star. She went through a lot of controversies and harassment. In fact, it was around august 2020 when people dropped numerous hate messages on the official account of At&T. Thereafter, the company tried to control all of those comments. In fact, it was sexual harassment, as many supporters also pointed out.

Furthermore, the company also made some comments on Vayntrub’s defense, like they had to delete some of the comments from the videos. Moreover, they also had to disable the comments on their content that includes Lily AT&T. Therefore, they assured them that they would fully support her values and appreciate her. Moreover, they have also spoken about showing some more respect for women. 

Milana Vayntrub’s ( AT&T Girl )Own Response

It’s natural that she’s really angry and disappointed with all the reactions of the public. It’s surprising that she has seen such a barrage of body-shaming comments which are actually a form of sexual harassment. 

Therefore, she went to Instagram to show her disappointment. In fact, she said that she didn’t expect this type of comment from people. Therefore, it hurt her feelings a lot. She emphasized that she’s just a regular person like the people on the internet, therefore, to receive such comments really hurt her. 

Furthermore, fans also showed a lot of support. In fact, they took on social media to address the issue and spoke on behalf of her. In fact, many celebrities too came to support her. For example, Paul Feig, a co-star also issued a statement on this issue. 

Final thoughts:

Well, currently AT&T Girl stays behind a desk on the ads, and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to come out soon. Moreover, it makes sense because she has gone through a lot of public harassment. But fans are always there for us and showed immense support.

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