Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag Checklist

As the delivery date approaches, One of the many major preparations that need to be done before the arrival of the baby is to start preparing a well-organised hospital bag for the hospital stay during and after the delivery. This bag must ensure to have every single thing that can be useful in the most ordinary time to even during sudden emergencies. 

Usually, packing a bag requires having a checklist prepared, which helps the person not to miss even a single item. It is even more important for a stay like this hospital stay that your bag should carry every single required item. So, the following is a detailed Hospital Bag Checklist that you should list out, and whatever you start putting in your bag, you can tick it right. 

A must-have checklist 

  • Labour and Delivery Checklist 

All required Documents While staying in the hospital, carry for the related delivery documents that you can be asked for at any moment. These documents include Health insurance details, registration forms that you might have already filled, ID proof with a picture in it and a birth plan ( if you have any). Along with these most carry documents, you can carry any of the documents that you feel is of relevant use during the stay. 

Carry some cash 

These days, online transactions are considered more, but one must still make sure to have some cash and change in hand, as it can be required, especially at the time of some emergencies. 

Mobile phone along with the charger 

A must carry a device that comes paired with its charger. Of course, you will put it inside your packing bag just before leaving for the hospital, and sure it is a very basic item that almost no one will forget to carry along. But, placing it in your checklist is still required, and you can double-check your memory, as no one knows what odd circumstances you could be at the time of leaving for the hospital. 

More than being a calling, texting or information device, at the time of hospital, you can install some useful and reliable apps, which will help you tackle the pain and the whole situation. 

Things that can help you stay distracted

At a time of unbearable and none stop labour pain, it is essential you carry some healthy magazines or downloaded happy movies that will help the mother stay distracted at the time of delayed delivery. 

Food items Another basic checklist item is to carry some candies or food items that you might require at the time of your stay in the hospital. 

Cushion pillows 

During the stay, it can happen that the hospital bed and its pillows are not that comfortable for the mother. So, you should carry a soft and very comfortable pillow. Make sure that your pillow lets you rest and relax properly during your stay in the hospital. 

Checklist for the mother

Mother, who is to be in labour, must have a separate checklist prepared beforehand. This checklist should include all the personal requirement items. 

During the stay, self-care items will get a lot of exhaustion, and hospital stays are never clean or hygienic. In this situation, the mother must keep herself hygienic and her surroundings very clean. So, the list must include some of the essential toiletries such as body wash, face wash, or face wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste. Also, hair care products can be carried to make sure that your hairs are tied upright. 

Comfortable clothes 

Carry some extra pair of clothes for it is always better to keep oneself fresh and clean. This must include some extra pairs of undergarments and nursing bras that keep the mother relaxed and comfortably after delivery. 

Checklist for returning with the baby 

Homecoming outfit-For the infant 

Along with your personal and other requirement items, carry a kimono-style shirt with grounded pants for the newborn—also, the hospital provides you with a blanket or something else to comfortably cover your child. 

Returning home outfit for the mother. 

After the delivery, you will still be in some pain that will require proper healing; as your body has taken a lot of effort for very long hours, make sure to wear something loose and much more comfortable. 

Extra carry bag 

Your packing must be smart enough to hold more items within it but always carry some extra bags. At times, it can be possible that you return with comparatively more stuff than the much that you packed for your hospital stay. 

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