Ex-Navy Petty Officer and Prominent Novelist Bringing the U.S. Navy to Life with His Mystery and Thriller Novels – Mark David Albertson

Mark David Albertson is an ex-navy petty officer

Novelists are creative people who fascinate people with interesting and intriguing fictional stories and take readers on a whimsical journey through their words. Novel writing is similar to painting and other art forms because it involves crafting stories that appeal to readers’ imaginations and compel them to keep reading. However, writing a novel requires unique skills, experience, and practice enabling authors to play around with words while crafting exciting stories. Novelists write various types of novels, from romance to fantasy and thrillers or mystery to science fiction. Although all genres are popular among readers, some novelists make particular novels stand out due to the vivid storylines and creative plots. Thriller novels are typically more popular than other genres due to their fast-paced and exhilarating stories.

Thriller or mystery novels are popular among readers due to the intriguing storylines and surprise elements that fascinate the readers in almost every section. The rapid pace of the story and twists or turns in every other paragraph compel readers to continue reading without putting the novel down or even stopping for breaks. However, thriller novels should be engaging and interesting to keep readers glued to the plot rather than leaving the novel after reading only a few pages or paragraphs. Mystery or thriller novels attract readers due to the element of surprise and the changing plot that perplexes and astonishes readers. However, a thriller or mystery novel lacking a fast-paced story or action-packed vivid descriptions is more exhaustive than interesting. The novelists’ penmanship skills and creativity are primary in grabbing and retaining readers’ attention. Mark David Albertson is a mystery and thriller novelist, intriguing readers through his fascinating novels revolving around the U.S. Navy and Matthew “Bert” Bertram’s exploits.

Mark David Albertson is an ex-navy petty officer and prominent novelist who wrote the Sea Story novel trilogy. After leaving the navy, Albertson worked as an attorney for several years and joined several professional institutions and organizations. He became a charter member and inaugural president of the Estate Planning Council of South King County and an instructor at the National Endowment for Financial Education. Albertson is also a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), the Washington State Bar Association, and the Superior Court of King County, Washington. He was also a member of the Washington Bar Association, Oregon State Bar, and Alaska State Bar. Albertson was also a member of the American Bar Association, the Estate Planning Council of South King County, the Academy of Special Needs Planners, and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

The Sea Story trilogy comprises three prominent and fascinating novels based on fictional events in the United States Navy after the Vietnam War. The first novel of the series, Steaming: A Sea Story, was released by Lulu Press in 2020 and revolved around Matthew “Bert” Bertram’s missions. Bertram joined the navy as a seaman after the Vietnam War, believing that the war was over and he would get to travel the world. However, after joining the navy, he realized that the war was not over, and the seaman had to complete several dangerous missions. The missions transformed Bertram’s perspective and significantly changed his life because of the risks involved in the missions.

Albertson released the second novel, Spying: A Sea Story, with Irish Viking Publishing in 2021, marking the return of Matthew “Bert” Bertram. However, the second novel follows Bertram as a Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) agent investigating intelligence lapses after the murder of two sailors trying to sell classified information to the Soviet Union. The novel follows the fast-paced investigation as Bertram attempts to identify the intelligence leak and the perpetrators involved. The novel’s fast-paced plot and inclusion of several elements, like espionage, murder, and treason, significantly increase and maintain readers’ interest.

The third novel of the series, Stalking: A Sea Story, was published in 2022 by Irish Viking Publishing. The novel depicts Matthew “Bert” Bertram as a seasoned NCIS special agent investigating mysterious occurrences in the U.S. Navy. The investigation starts after a ship mysteriously drifts into the San Diego Harbor after separating from its fleet. Several other mysterious events complicate the investigation, and agent Bert must race against time to find the perpetrator behind the cryptic notes and events. Mark David Albertson is set to publish his next novel, Jemez, in 2023 with Irish Viking Publishing. The prominent novelist brings the U.S. Navy to life with his mystery and thriller novels to fascinate and entertain readers.

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