Billy Ray Cyrus: Bio/Wiki, Career, Lifestyle, Net Worth And More

Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is a name that has been trending on the internet for quite some time. He is a popular name in the entertainment world. Let me inform you that he is a singer-songwriter from America. To be precise, he’s a person from America who sings country songs and acts in shows and movies.

He started acting in 1989 and put out his first big thing in 1992. Since then, he’s made 16 albums and a bunch of songs. People really like and enjoy what he creates. One of his songs, “Achy Breaky Heart,” came out in 1992 and became super popular and lots of people liked it a whole lot. It’s the only song in country music history to get this special award called “Triple Platinum.” Therefore, if you wish to know more about him, then this article would be the perfect place for you to be.

A Brief Bio

Real Name Billy Ray Cyrus
Nickname  Not Known
Net Worth $25 Million
Date of Birth August 25, 1961
Age 61 Years
Birthplace Flatwoods, Kentucky, USA
Current Residence Not Known
Nationality  American
Profession  Singer, Song-writer
Martial Status  Married  
Girlfriend  / Spouse Rish Finley 
Religion Christianity  
Zodiac sign  Not Known

Billy was born in a town called Flatwoods in Kentucky, USA, on August 25, 1961. He grew up in Kentucky with his mom and dad. His dad worked with steel and later became a person in the government. Billy’s parents split up in 1966 when he was only five years old. After that, he mostly lived with his grandpa, who was a preacher in a church.

When Billy was a kid, he was around a lot of music. He heard songs about God and also a kind of music called bluegrass. His dad played a musical instrument called a guitar, but Billy couldn’t play it well because he used his left hand more than his right. Billy was also good at a sport called baseball and he even got a special payment to go to school because of it. But he didn’t finish college because he wanted to become a singer. One time, Billy watched a concert by a singer named Neil Diamond, and it made him want to be a singer too.

A Brief Bio


In the early 1990s, Billy Ray Cyrus started his job as a singer. At first, it was tough for him to find a company to make his music. He had a hard time before he finally got a deal with Mercury Records. Billy Ray Cyrus began singing and writing songs. In 1992, he made his first album called “Some Gave All.” This album became really popular and a lot of people bought it. One of the songs in the album, called “Achy Breaky Heart,” became a really big hit.

After that, Cyrus made 16 more albums and 53 songs. Many of these songs were really successful too. Billy Ray Cyrus also did well on TV. He was in shows like “Doc,” “Hannah Montana,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and “Still the King.” He won many awards for his music and acting, like prizes from Billboard, Grammy, American Music, and Teen Choice. So, Billy Ray Cyrus did great in both music and television.


Net Worth

Billy Ray Cyrus is a really famous person. He is at the very top when we talk about the best country singers ever. He started his music career in 1989 and got even more famous in 1992. One of his songs, “Achy Breaky Heart,” was a huge hit and people loved it a lot, especially in Australia.

Cyrus has made lots of albums and songs that have been really popular. One of his albums, called “Some Gave All,” is his most successful. It’s been sold a whole bunch of times, like a huge 9 times the normal amount! Besides singing, Cyrus is also an actor. He’s been in movies and TV shows. Because of all his success, Cyrus has a lot of money, around 25 million dollars!

Net Worth Trend

Net Worth in 2023 $25 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $23 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $21 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $19 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $17 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $15 Million


1. Why is Billy famous?

Billy is a famous singer-songwriter from America. 

2. What is Billy’s age at present?

Billy is 61 years old as of 2023.

3. What is the net worth of Billy?

As of 2023, Billy has a net worth of $25 million.

4. Who is Billy’s wife?

Rish Finley is Billy’s wife.

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