How to Plan a Perfect Floral Themed Bridal Shower?

Bridal Shower

Your friend is getting married, don’t you want to throw a bridal shower for her? Your girlfriend surely deserves that. It’s her big day and it calls for a celebration. Although an infinite number of celebratory events are less to celebrate her D day, a bridal shower will do half of it. Believe me, it’s a chic and elegant approach to your pre-wedding bridal celebration. Did you know that the concept of the bridal shower is not new? It is a long-standing tradition. For those who don’t know what exactly a bridal shower is, let me put some light on it. The bridal shower came into existence centuries ago, when dowry was in trend. Basically, when a woman was about to get married, friends and family would pitch in and honor the bride they would shower gifts on her to help her set her new house. 

But, in modern times, it is an excuse to gather, share stories and advice before the actual D day. While it was ethically planned by a maid of honour, as it was considered greedy for brides family to invite people to shower gift for their own daughter. But time has changed, and it is totally acceptable now.  Well if it’s your turn now to throw a bridal shower party for a bride to be, then I’m here to help you with my personal experience (and high-class managerial skills). 

I started the planning by selecting a theme and trust me choosing a theme in advance will save the time that you were about to otherwise waste in guesswork. I chose a floral theme as flowers are currently overpowering any other theme. And also because my BFF is a big-time flower lover, she is so obsessed with flowers that if I would have a gone on to order a flower bouquet for her instead of throwing such a huge party, then also she would have danced out of joy. 

Coming back to the topic, here are some tips on how to plan a bridal shower for total success.  It’s your time to rock, maid of honour. 

Find the Right Venue

First thing first, find a suitable venue. You know every place has its own aura, a party place maybe not be a correct venue for occasions like these. If you have space, your own house is perfect as it will give you plenty of time to set up and decorate for the big event. You can even opt for a dining hall or a decent restaurant where you can display your creativity with flowers. Also, choose the venue according to the footfall you are expecting otherwise 

Plan the Guest List

If it is not a surprise then involve the bride in the inviting process. Ask her who she wants to invite. It’s her special day, some unwanted faces might ruin it. It should be her call who she wants to involve in her happiness. 

If its a surprise, you can invite people who are invited to the wedding.

This will save you from inviting her ex by mistake. Also, your guest will determine so many important things like the size of the venue, the quantity of food you will require. You can even send floral themed invitations so that it spreads the hint of the party theme. 

Pick Up the Right Flowers

Just casually enquire your BFF about her favourite flowers. Make a list and get a garland and flower bouquet delivery of the same. When it comes to decoration for a bridal shower, you can totally opt for the bride’s birthday month flower. Yes, birthday month flowers are a thing, just google it up. If the bride has already ordered flowers for her wedding day, then consult the same florist and ask him to add some more flowers of the same type. Also, it would be great if you select a colour palette you want to revolve around before you actually order rose rose flowers.

Choose Flowers According to their Meaning

One more great idea is to choose flowers according to their meanings. Flowers symbolize different meanings. And not only flowers but different colour of the same flower can depict different meaning. To name a few, orchids are to celebrate many happy anniversaries to come.