What Makes Colombian Coffee One of the Best in the World?

Colombian Coffee - Cup of Coffee

Mornings aren’t the same without having that warm and comforting cup of coffee. For many people, coffee is a serious business as they love trying out different blends and varieties to satisfy their tastebuds. If you are looking to try something new and different, try out Colombian coffee.

Colombian coffee is known as one of the best coffees in the world. The high altitude of the country and the shades of the banana trees significantly impact the way coffee beans grow. Colombian coffee beans are exported around the globe due to their quality and great taste.

If you are looking to try premium coffee, Colombian coffee is a must-try. But what is it about this coffee that makes it unique?

Let’s have a look.

Type of Coffee: Is it Arabica or Robusta?

Coffee is not just plain coffee; it has two types of beans – Robusta and Arabica. There are even more varieties created within these beans.

Colombia produces 100% Arabica beans. How does this affect the quality and taste?

Arabica is known to be a superior bean and has a lighter and sweeter taste. Moreover, it has stronger acidic notes and lesser caffeine. Arabica beans create a richer and tastier coffee as compared to Robusta beans. This is why you can create an amazing cup of coffee using Colombian coffee beans.

Tasting Notes of Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffees are popular for their easy and smooth drinking, making them perfect to mellow out other flavors that might be overbearing in other countries. Colombia has a wide range of coffee-growing regions and varietals that makes it challenging to peg down the flavor’s.

However, the most common pattern is chocolatey, sweet flavor’s. There are also some varieties with fruity notes that touch red fruits, apple, and caramel.

The aromas of the Colombian coffees are slightly fruity and citrusy at times with bits of spice hints.

The Unique Taste of Colombian Coffee

The strong aroma and unique flavour make Colombian coffee a popular choice across the globe. When coffee from certain countries is discussed, the roasting or brewing method is the main focus. The coffee culture varies throughout the world. When it comes to Colombian coffee, the main thing that makes it unique is not the roasting or brewing method but the way coffee beans are grown.

Colombia has an almost perfect climate to grow coffee and the country produces a specific kind of beans that can be attained in that particular climate. The country experiences heavy rainfall and the temperature never falls below freezing temperature throughout the year.

Such tropical condition is ideal to grow coffee, which is why there are thousands of coffee growers in Colombia. The coffee beans are picked by hand in most of these places. Of course, you still need to use the right brewing and roasting method to make the most of this coffee. However, investing in Colombian coffee beans certainly is a good start to great coffee.

How to Make Colombian Coffee

While there isn’t any particular style to create Colombian coffee, the beans are still ideal for certain brewing methods. The brighter and lighter flavours make these beans great for a rich cappuccino and a light roast.

If you want to take full advantage of the health benefits of coffee, then drink Colombian coffee black. When you cut down on sugar, milk, and cream you can certainly have a healthier coffee routine.

Do you prefer to blend different coffee beans?

In the world of coffee, blending different coffee beans is considered a “dark art.” It is a concept in which different coffee beans are mixed – either from different origins or different roast levels. It creates a unique taste in every cup of coffee you make.

If you want to give this a try, then blend Colombian coffee with Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee beans. It will create an amazing taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little when you make coffee as this will help you in finding the right taste, blend, and brewing method that works best for you.

If you are looking for new coffee flavors to try, Colombian coffee is something you won’t want to miss. The rich flavour and clean texture with the dark roast coffee beans make a perfect blend of coffee and even makes amazing iced coffees.

The reputation of Colombian coffee beans certainly lives up to the hype it has generated. No matter what type of coffee you drink and what your coffee-consuming habits are, you are definitely going to enjoy Colombian coffee.

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