The Dadeville Shootout: 4 Dead And Many Others Injured in Alabama

Recollection of Alexis Dowdell 

A few days back, a shocking shooting took place in Alabama, which has created a huge stir in the nation. What is really interesting is that the shootout took place at a Sweet 16 party, where a group of teens assembled for a party. Apart from the four dead victims, the police have declared at least 32 others as injured. Among the injured victims, at least 15 victims have been shot and are undergoing treatment in the hospital. 

The incident occurred on Saturday night at around 10:34 p.m. and it shocked the entire population of Alabama. Police have gained some lead in the case. But they have not yet gained any progress in tracing any information about the suspects. Moreover, the motive behind this shootout also remains in the dark. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this incident, then this article is the perfect stop for you.

The Dead Ones 

Mike Knox, the Tallapoosa County Coroner spoke about the identity of the four deceased victims, on Monday. According to him, the identities of the victims are as stated:

  • Marsiah Emmanuel Collins- A male resident from Opelika, Alabama, aged 19 years. 
  • Shaunkivia (KeKe) Nicole Smith- A female senior student at Dadeville High School aged 17 years.
  • Corbin Dahmontrey Holston-  A male resident from Dadeville, Alabama, aged 23 years,
  • Philstavious Dowdell- A male resident from Camp Hill, Alabama and a senior at Dadeville High School aged 18 years.
Dadeville Shootout
Credit: KQ2

Recollection of Alexis Dowdell 

Alexis Dowdell, the sister of one of the deceased victims, Philstavious Dowdell was celebrating her birthday and the party was held for that purpose. She recollected the entire incident. According to him, the moment before the shootout started, they were enjoying music. As the gunfire started, people started to run about out of panic. 

Talking about her brother, she stated that he pushed her down on the ground. It was a pool of blood around her. However, she was able to escape the room untouched and went straight to her parents. After that, when they came back into the room and turned the lights on, she saw her brother, laying on the floor, wounded. However, when the emergency medical team appeared on the spot, they declared Philstavious dead. 

Best Friends 

Philstavious And Collins: Best Friends 

Martin Collins, the father of another dead victim, Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, stated that his son was a footballer at the high school level. Furthermore, he added that Marsiah wanted to become a musician. He also got admission to Lousiana State University for the fall semester. According to him, though his son was senior to Martin and played in different football teams, they were best of friends. In fact, they visited each other’s High Schools to cheer for eachother.

The Injured Teens

Dadeville’s  Lake Martin Community Hospital is now treating 15 other teens from the party who sustained bullet injuries. Out of them, five victims are in critical condition and are fighting for their lives. Four other victims are now stable. Moreover, at least 9 others have been released by the hospital. 

The Injured Teens

Popular Reaction

The entire nation has joined Dadeville in mourning the monstrous incident. The mass shooting is a common thing in the US, with the nation reporting around 160 such instances in the first 4 months of 2023. In fact, Joe Biden, the president of the US, has extended his prayers to the victims and their families involved in the Dadeviille mass shooting case. He has further stated that he has moved Congress to reconsider the gun control legislation.


1. When did the Dadeville shooting take place?

The shooting took place at around 10:34 p.m. on Saturday night.

2. How many victims have died?

Till now, four victims have died and many others are fighting for their lives. 

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