Can Firework Displays be Quiet?

Firework Displays

When you think of fireworks, some of the words that come to mind include ‘bang’, ‘fizz’, and ‘whoosh’. None of these words are generally associated with being quiet, however, so when thinking of quiet fireworks, you would be forgiven for thinking these don’t exist. In fact, there are many quiet or low-noise fireworks available which can be ideal for certain events when you start to look. Here are some of the reasons you may want a quiet firework display.

Keeping Neighbours Happy

As fireworks can be enjoyed at any time of year and not just the popular dates such as New Year’s Eve or Bonfire Night, if you are having a display at home, it maybe without thought for your neighbours. Fireworks can be loud and intrusive, especially for those trying to get a good night’s sleep or rest. If you are someone that works shifts, your sleep pattern will be different to most, so fireworks can be the last thing you want to hear when tired. Quiet fireworks for sale can help resolve this problem and keep the noise at a respectable level. This way, you won’t have annoyed your neighbours and you’ll still get to enjoy some fireworks fun.

Being Mindful of those with Anxiety

Whilst many see fireworks as harmless fun, the noise they make can be triggering for those with anxiety. As you will not know everyone on your street or neighbourhood personally, being mindful of this can help avoid causing any distress involuntarily. Anxiety can be linked to many things and those suffering from trauma or PTSD may become startled especially if it is an unexpected loud noise. Young children also may not be used to the loud noises and can become unsettled, even if at a public firework display. Noise reduced fireworks can be purchased but there are also quiet firework displays that can be the ideal option.

Help Pets Enjoy the Evening Too

As pet owners will know, New Year’s Eve and Bonfire Night can be a stressful time for cats, dogs, and other family pets. As they will not understand what is happening, the loud noises from fireworks can be extremely distressing. Whilst not everyone fireworks display will be silent, the more people that use quiet fireworks, the better the experience for everyone’s favourite pets. If you have a pet but want to still enjoy fireworks, consider low decibel options that can provide the same experience.

Family Friendly Overall

The reason quieter firework displays are becoming popular around the country is that they provide family fun without the startlingly sound. Yes, people do love the thrill of loud bangs, but not everyone is the same and if you have young children, pets or those with anxiety who still want to view fireworks, this is a better option for the whole family. Many types of existing fireworks are already less noisy, such as sparklers, flares, fountains, and Catherine Wheels, so they are not hard to find. Finding completely silent firework rockets will be difficult, but you will be able to find low decibel ones in the right places.