Who is Erin Siena Jobs? Biography and career

Erin Siena Jobs

To begin with, Erin Siena Jobs is a famous person in America. Further, she is the daughter of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a famous inventor and entrepreneur in the world.

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Introduction to Erin Siena Jobs

As mentioned earlier in the article, she is the daughter of a famous entrepreneur. Erin Jobs is the second child of Steve Jobs. Further, Steve Jobs is a world-famous inventor. Unfortunately, the billionaire Steve Jobs, Erin father passed away. 

The birth of Erin Jobs

In the first place, the birth of Erin took place in the year 1995. Her full date of birth is 19th August 1995. As per her date of birth, Erin is currently twenty- six years old. Further, the birth of Erin Siena Jobs took place in America. She was born in California in the United States of America. Lastly, she belongs to the Leo zodiac sign.

Parents of Erin Jobs

Coming to the family of Erin Siena Jobs, she is the daughter of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a successful entrepreneur. Further, he is famously known as the co-founder of Apple Inc. Apple is a technology company that produces quality phones and laptops. 

On the other hand, Erin mother is Laurene Powell. Laurence runs her own successful business. She is the founder of Emerson collective. Apart from this, Erin’s mother is the director of the board of College Track. However, after the unfortunate death of her father, Erin lives with her mother Laurene.

Does Erin Jobs have any siblings?

Yes, Erin Siena Jobs has three siblings. She has an eldest brother named Reed Jobs. Reed was born in the year 1991. Apart from a brother, Erin has two younger sisters. 

Further, the name of the sisters is Eve and Lisa- Brennan Jobs. Lisa is the half-sister of Erin, they share the same father.

The career of Erin Jobs

Erin Siena Jobs is a hard working woman. She has completed her education. Further, Erin Jobs is an architect and a designer. However, the full details of her career are unknown. It is mainly because Erin likes to stay away from the spotlight. She keeps her life private and is reserved.

Personal life of Erin Jobs

Firstly, Erin Jobs is a private person. She has a limited social media presence. Further, there is no information about her relationship status. However, her sister Eve is much more active on social media. 

The net worth of Erin Jobs

As mentioned previously, there is no information about her career. But she is the daughter of a billionaire. Her father Steve Jobs net worth is around 20 billion. Apart from this, her mother is also a successful businesswoman. Hence, Erin Siena Jobs leads a comfortable life in America.

A Quick Wikis/ Bio Review

Name Erin Siena Jobs
Real Name
Nick Name
Steve Jobs’ daughter
Birth Year August 19, 1995
How old is? 27 years (as of Aug 2022)
How tall is Erin? 1.67 m (in feet inches- 5′ 6″)
Birthplace (Native) USA
Zodiac Sign Leo
Net Worth $20 million As of media resource
Parents Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs
Siblings Reed Jobs, Eve Jobs, Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Erin Siena Jobs is a famous person in America. She is the daughter of billionaire Steve Jobs. Further, Erin is an architect and working in America. 

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