Nina Altuve – Interesting Facts About Age, Family And Marriage Life

Nina Altuve

Many popular celebrity wives receive the spotlight because of their husbands. Nina is one such Lucky person who enjoys smooth marriage life with Jose. Further, Jose Carlos Altuve is a professional baseball player from Venezuela. In 2019 he is the second baseman for the baseball club in Houston.

Unlike any celebrity couple, there are almost no controversies in their life. Further, the relationship between Nina and Jose is a beauty that attracts many of their fans. Over a decade of their marriage life is blissful and peaceful. Many fans wish long years of happiness for Nina and her husband. Apart from being their wife of Jose she has more going on in her life. Let us see and get to know more about Nina Altuve.

About Nina Altuve 

Born of the year 1992 Nina Altuve is from Venezuela. Her birth name is Ginnia Elizabeth Cimetta Sandoval. As a citizen of Venezuela, she loves the place. Also, she is the only daughter of her parents.

However, she has two brothers who are Justo Emilio and Alfredo David. Their childhood of Nina is short due to her early marriage. At just 14 years of age, she married the love of her life, Jose.

When did Nina marry Jose Altuve? 

20th November 2006 is when Nina and Jose Altuve tied the knot. When marrying each other, Nina and Jose were young. Nina was 14 years and Jose was 16 years at the time of marriage. However, even after marriage the couple though education is important. They continue to study at the university after the wedding. Nina did her Bioanaltyics course at the University of Venezuela.

Further, Jose on his part focused on his baseball career. From childhood, he is passionate about this sport. This helped me to pursue Baseball even after marriage. The couple did stay a few years away to carry out their studies and career. The over for Jose is the reason for Nina marrying him at a young age. Also, the couple thought it was impossible to stay away from each other. Since then the love story of Nina and Jose Altuve remains lively and fresh. They are still head over heels with each other.

Children and marriage life 

After ten years of marriage, Nina and Jose welcome their first child. They were younger during their marriage due to this couple’s delayed having a child. It is the year 2016 when the couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter. Melanie Altuve is the daughter of Nina and Jose. The couple stays away from marriage rumours. They are one happy couple who fans love.

Moreover, the public sees Nina in many the baseball games of Jose. The couple brings their daughter to the many sports event. Since then the public is praising Nina and her husband for maintaining peaceful family life. Also, the couple travels together to many destinations. All these postings of the Altuve family are adorable for the audience.

Nina’s physical stature and height 

Nina is a woman of average height. She is 5 feet 4 inches and is shorter than her husband Jose. Even Jose is known as the shortest player in Baseball. People find their height cute. However, Jose has lost some baseball opportunities due to his short height. Nina is a beautiful lady with brown eyes. Her eye colour perfectly matches her hair colour.


To conclude Nina Altuve is the wife of popular baseball player Jose. She is going to pursue a career of her own in a few years. Also, she is known for her happy married life with her husband Jose.