Home Maintenance Tips for Mid-Winter

Home Maintenance
Credit: Los Muertos Crew via pexels

The holidays have come and gone, and the wintry weather has been all over the place. Storms, winds, and snow have been alternated with sunny days and blue skies. But our homes have been put through the test of winter, and now is an excellent time to make sure your home is ready and able to tough out the rest of winter until spring arrives.

Whether you took the time to do maintenance around your home earlier in the fall or are just thinking about upkeep now, there are a few key areas to focus on that tend to take the bulk of the stress that winter puts on your home. Giving those areas a little extra care and attention at this time of year can save you from making major repairs later and help ensure your home stays efficient and comfortable for the rest of the season.

Window and Doors

The number one area of your home to look at is your windows and doors. If they’re not working correctly, it can significantly impact your home’s comfort and efficiency. Examine your windows and doors thoroughly for ice build-up and use the candle test to check for cold air leaks. Hold the lit candle near your doors and windows and pay attention to whether it flickers or not. Be careful with the candle around the drapes.

Another warning sign may be found in your bills. If you’ve noticed higher energy bills than usual, that could be a key sign of inefficient windows and doors, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

Also, keep your eye out for signs of excessive moisture in your home. You may see little patches of condensation on your windows, which is okay, but if your windows are completely and constantly fogged up, that’s a problem you may need to call a professional about.


If you had fall maintenance done on your heating system by a professional, just check the filter and make sure it doesn’t need cleaning or replacing. The filter should be changed every three months or so to ensure the proper air quality in your home and adequate HVAC performance. 

If you didn’t have fall maintenance on your heating system performed, there’s no better time to ensure everything is working as it should be. The last thing you’ll want is to find out during an extreme cold snap that something is wrong and it needs serious repair or replacement.


Make sure your downspouts flow properly and no blockage or pooling occurs. Additionally, use binoculars to check your roof for any damage to the shingles. When ice and snow build-up, it can wreak havoc on your roof. If there is build-up, carefully remove it if it isn’t severe. If it is, call in a professional roofer.

By taking these steps midway through winter, you can ensure your home keeps running smoothly, comfortably and efficiently until the snow melts and the weather warms up when winter is over.