Burning Man – The Wildest Festival In the World

Burning Man
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Most people call the nine-day festival, Burning Man to be the wildest festival in the world. Because the festival includes naked walks, sexual activities, and drug use, etc.

In the hot climate of the Nevada desert, people enjoy art, culture, and free expression, etc. 

What Is A Burning Man?

Burning Man is a nine-day festival celebrated in the Nevada desert. It was started on June 22, 1986. While starting, it happened in a different which is Baker Beach in San Francisco. Larry Harvey and Jerry James are the founders of this Burning . The festival usually happens in the week that includes the Labor Day weekend every year. Black Rock City 2022 festival includes various things such as

  • Artistic Performances
  • Music Parties
  • Gifting
  • Participation
  • Self-expression
  • Dance Parties

There is no need to share any money at this festival. But the participants need to bring their food, clothes, shelter, etc whatever they need. The entry fees of this festival may range from $425 to $1,200.

Some people call this ‘Burning Man’ a festival, but it is not so. It is a community that celebrates a particular week. This community is based on 10 practical principles of the temporary city. Black Rock City Project is the non-profit organization that takes care of this celebration.

Burning Man' Festival Hoping to Go Virtual
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When Is Burning Man?

This Burning Man will take place at the end of summer. It starts at a week and ends on Labor Day weekend. For instance, in 2018, the Burning Man took place between August 26 and September 3.

Where Does Burning Man Take Place?

In the Nevada Desert, there is a remote black rock desert where this event will take place. The name of the place is Black Rock City that consists of RVs and tents.

How Many People Attend Burning Man?

Almost, 70,000 people attend this Burning Man based on the census report of 2017. Normal people, celebrities, wealthy persons, tech CEOs, etc attend this party. The first-time participants need to roll around in the dust after they arrive in the desert. 

Celebrities Attended Burning Man:

Most of the celebrities around the world attend this Burning Man. Some of them include

    • Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
    • Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook
    • Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon
    • Larry Page – Google Founder
  • Sergey Brin – Google Founder

What Happens In The Burning Man?

In Burning Man, people want to stay free, and thus, they dress up freely. Some people call this celebration as Burning Man Nude. Because people roam around the desert nude, as they want to stay free in this celebration. Even people are free to have sex with others in Orgy Dome. 

According to a journalist, one man even broke his penis while having sex for the seventh time. Then, he was taken to the nearby hospital for treatment. He came back the next day after putting in stitches.

There is an Orgy Dome where the people go and have sex and it is the only camp having an air conditioner in it. 

Then, there is Dr. Bronner’s soap company where people go nude and take a shower. Almost 50 people at a time need to go naked into the clear container. Then, they will spray them with Dr. Bronner’s soap and then shower you with water.

People even dance nude in a group while showering. It creates a vibe among them and they enjoy it a lot. 


Different people are talking about this burning man from their perspective. But this is all about staying free, expressing yourself, and refreshing your mind.

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