Why Did Natalie Portman Get Buff? Reason & Reaction Of The Fans

Natalie Portman
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If you have recently watched the new Thor film, then you have surely noticed Natalie Portman buff body. Yes, a lot of fans have noticed the fact that their favorite actress has buffed up for this film. However, what’s the reason and why did she even do that in the first place?

Well, the recent photos of Natalie Portman, the popular US actress indicate that she may have become the most popular and powerful Marvel star. So, the pictures from the sets of Thor: Love and Thunder have leaked online. The buff physical transformation is what has absolutely stunned the fans. 

So, these latest pictures perhaps point to the fact that Natalie Portman’s character is going to be the most formidable character in the upcoming movies. If you want to know more about Natalie Portman buff thor news, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at the reaction of the fans, and also talk about Natalie’s own views about her buff body. So, now’s the time to take a peek at this article and find all the details that you need to know. 

Who Is Natalie Portman?

So, before we talk about Natalie Portman buff body, it’s important to know about the actress. According to internet facts, Natalie Portman is quite famous as an Irish-born US actress. She has had a pretty prolific career as an actress for sure. For instance, she has been part of various blockbuster movies.

Born in the year 1981, on 9th June, the 41-year-old actress from Jerusalem, and now, USA, has earned praises for her wonderful acting. Apart from the Thor franchise, she has also acted in No Strings Attached film, Closer, Black Swan, and more. 

Who Is Natalie Portman?
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Natalie’s Transformation: The Fans’ Reaction

Well, there’s no doubt about the fact that Natalie is a fan-favorite actress. So, during the promotion of the latest Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder, a few pictures of Natalie’s buffed body surfaced on the internet. These pictures left the fans stunned. So, the actress, Natalie’s toned arms, and buffed body have surprised her ardent fans.

For example, a person on Twitter said, “Buff Natalie Portman has me feeling some type way.” Not only that another person feels that Natalie has become the queen of Asgard, and affirmed that the actress indeed looks good in her new avatar. 

The Fans’ Reaction
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Natalie Portman’s On Her Training For The Film Thor: Love And Thunder

So, if you have already seen Thor love and thunder Natalie portman buff images, then it’s apparent that the actress has worked really hard prior to filming this film. In fact, in an interview, she said that it had been a really fun journey. She had worked with her trainer, Naomi Pendergast, for around four months before the shooting of the film. Natalie said, “We did a lot of weight training and a lot of protein shakes- heavyweight training that I haven’t ever done before.”

Now, it’s important to know that she never aimed to get bulky, but it was quite physical. One thing is for sure, all the training has made Natalie feel stronger than ever. Well, it’s not the first time that the actress has done a body transformation. For example, earlier, in the movie Black Swan, she had to get as small as possible. However, in this case, as we can see from the Natalie Portman buff 2022 pictures, she had to get as big as possible. Both these transformations are quite challenging. 


1. Who Is Natalie Portman?

Natalie Portman is popular for being a US actress. Since her teenage years, she has had a remarkable career in the film industry. 

2. How Old Is Natalie Portman?

The US actress Natalie Portman is around 41 years old as of 2023. 

3. Why Did Natalie Portman Get Buffed In 2022?

The sources tell us that Natalie had to get bigger in 2022 for the film Thor: Love and Thunder. 

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