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Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is perhaps one of the most celebrated works in the history of fiction writing. The all-pervasive universe of the Lord of the Rings has astounding facts. If you are here for the Lord of the Rings facts, then you won’t be disappointed. So, as per the sources, J.R.R. Tolkien’s timeless classic, The Lord of the Rings has lots of facts. Some of these facts are related to the books while some are also related to the movie adaptations. Overall, the fans of the Lord of the Rings are surely in for a treat. 

So, if you want to know about Lord of the Rings and all its facts, then you are at the right place. Peter Jackson’s famous and successful movie series Lord of the Rings and J.R.R Tolkien’s novels have managed to make us fall in love with the characters and the world of the classic. So, without further ado, it’s time to follow this article and find out about the facts of LoTR. 

Facts To Know “The Lord of the Rings Series”

So, as we know, Lord of the Rings is one of the best works in the history of fiction writing. The author of this work has created lots of interesting and legendary characters. In fact, Peter Jackson has also managed to create the larger-than-life characters of the novel in a live-action version, or in movie adaptations. So, there are a lot of cool facts to know about LoTR films and novels. Without further ado, it’s time to take a look at the Lord of the Rings facts. 

Here Are All The Lord of the Rings Facts To Know

1. Nicolas Cage Almost Played The Role of Aragon

So, there’s no denying the fact that the audience wouldn’t have liked if someone else played the role of Aragon than Viggo Mortensen. However, it’s worth noting that Nicolas Cage almost played the role of the rugged and badass Swordsman, Aragon. However, due to family obligations and other reasons, the award-winning actor, Nicolas Cage, declined the offer. In fact, according to the reports, he simply said No thank you and moved on. 

2. It Was C.S Lewis Who Encouraged J.R.R Tolkien To Publish The Work

A lot of people may not know this but C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien are pretty good friends. In fact, it’s true that they both have their own gigantic fantasy world. Moreover, in the fantasy genre of writing, both of them have immortalized their name. So, it’s worth noting that the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S Lewis encouraged J.R.R Tolkien to publish his works. 

So, that’s how he went on to publish The Hobbit in 1937. Subsequently, he also released LoTR. In fact, Tolkien also acknowledged that for a long time, his mate, Lewis was the only audience of his writing. He said, “Only from him did I ever get the idea that my ‘stuff’ could be more than a private hobby.”

3. The Beatles Once Tried To Adapt LoTR In The Big Screen In The 1960s

So, it’s worth mentioning that The Beatles were a huge fan of the LOTR or Lord of the Rings book series. In fact, they even tried to adapt the work of Tolkien for the big screen in the 1960s, with the help of the director, Stanley Kubrick. However, due to various reasons, Tolkien wasn’t a big fan of this idea. 

Nicolas Cage Almost Played The Role of Aragon

4. Sean Connery Almost Played The Role Of Gandalf

So, there’s no denying the fact that we all love Sean Connery’s James Bond. However, we can’t say the same if he did in fact star in the role of Gandalf. Some actors shouldn’t be up for a certain role for sure. The James Bond actor, Sean Connery was even offered 400 USD for this role at that time. However, for some reason, he didn’t make sense of the whole script. Eventually, he turned down the job and we have to say, it was pretty honest of him to say that. 

5. Samwise Is The True Hero According To Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings has many amazing characters. So, according to the reports, the author of the story, Tolkien feels that Samwise is the true hero of the story. While many people think of him as a supportive and adorable friend of Frodo, it’s true that Sam didn’t hesitate hiking across the dangerous realms of Middle Earth, just in the name of loyalty. Therefore, it’s a true form of devotion that makes him an amazing character. In fact, in Tolkien’s opinion, Samwise is the most heroic character in the story. 

6. Sean Austin’s Real-Life Daughter Played The Role Of His Reel-Life Daughter

So, this is one of the cool Lord of the Rigs cast, as many fans of the series feel. According to the sources, Sam Austin plays the role of Samwise in the Lord of the Rings, and he has a daughter in the story. Now, what’s interesting is Sam’s real-life daughter, Alexandra, plays the role of his daughter in Lord of the Rings. In other words, the real-life daughter portrays the reel-life daughter. 

Samwise Is The True Hero According To Tolkien

7. Warfare Inspired The Dead Marshes

In The Letters of J.R.R Tolkien, the author Tolkien explained a lot of things about his fictional story. So, the author has given a striking description of the Dead Marshes. It’s a dreary place filled with corpses and the ghosts of the dead knights. So, many people feel that the horrors of the first world war, which Tolkien had witnessed firsthand, inspired the description of The Dead Marshes. 

8. The Queen Of Denmark Herself Illustrated The Danish Edition of Lord of the Rings

So, here’s to a fun fact about Lord of the Rings. If you are checking out all the cool Lord of the Rings facts, then you will like this one as well. According to the sources, the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, herself, had illustrated the Danish edition of Tolkien’s celebrated work, The Lord of the Rings. However, in order to keep everything protocol friendly, she worked on this project under the pseudonym of Ingahild Grathmer. The Highness’s drawings also impressed J.R.R Tolkien. 

9. J.R.R Tolkien Wrote The Masterpiece With Two Fingers

So, a lot of people may already know this but for those of you, this is probably a new fact for you. Tolkien had to write a lot of enormous novels on a typewriter since computers were a faraway dream at that time. However, the author was simply amazing with the typing machine that he wrote the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy worth 1200 pages with only two fingers. Why two fingers you ask? Well, this is the way the author learned to use a typing machine. So, quite naturally, the poor author called the whole task of typing an exhausting experience. 

J.R.R Tolkien Wrote The Masterpiece With Two Fingers

10. Ian Holm Once Played The Role Of Frodo

If you are here for the Lord of the Rings facts, then let us provide you with something interesting. So, the sources tell us that Ian Holm, who played the role of Bilbo Baggins, once portrayed the role of Frodo in a radio dramatization of LOTR books for the BBC in 1981. Well, 20 years later, Peter Jackson offered him the role of Frodo’s uncle. 

11. Tolkien’s Gravestone Has A Special Message

Apparently, Tolkien and his wife were buried together in Oxford. So, beneath the gravestone, there are two special words written- Beren and Luthien. Hardcore fans of LOTR would certainly know the meaning of these two words. For those of you who don’t know, it’s worth noting that in Tolkien’s world, these two words stand for a mortal man and an elf-maiden, who fell in love.

Tolkien’s Gravestone Has A Special Message

12. The ‘Regular Old Man’ Gandalf Can Change His Appearance

So, even though Gandalf may look like an old man, he has magical powers. In fact, he is a famous wizard who is also part of a race from middle earth named Maiar. So, it’s worth noting that he can change his form easily. In other words, it’s possible that the old appearance of Gandalf is perhaps not his real form at all. 

13. Peter Jackson Frequently Changed The Script

The movie adaptations of The Lord of the Rings have a lot of cool facts. For example, the director, Peter Jackson had to revise the script of the LOTR every 40 minutes or so. As a result of this, the actors had to learn new lines in a very short notice period. So, the sources tell us that Sean Bean had to struggle for this reason.


There are simply a lot of cool and interesting The Lord of the Rings tv series that one just cannot put into a single article. However, it’s true that we manage to find little details every time we read Tolkien’s legendary work or see the visual spectacle of Peter Jackson’s LOTR.

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