Eminem’s estranged Father, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. dead at 67 Age

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.
Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., the estranged father of Eminem, has reportedly passed away at age 67, having suffered a heart attack at his home this week. As TMZ reports, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. passed away at his home in Fort Wayne, Indiana this week, having suffered a heart attack at the age of 67.

Who is Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr? Marshall was a Former American Band Member and a Celebrity Parent. In June 2019, he passed away from a heart attack. Marshall was the father of legendary rapper Eminem. 

A Review of Bio/Wikis: 

Real Name Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr
Birthday June 30, 1951
Birthplace Mexico
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Children Sarah Mathers, Michael Mathers, Eminem
Profession Former Band Member, Famous Personality, and Celebrity Parent
Dating/Girlfriend Debbie Mathers-Briggs
Married/Wife Debbie Mathers-Briggs
Died June 26, 2019, Fort Wayne, IN
Net Worth $230 million
Parents Not Disclosed
Grandchildren Whitney Scott Mathers, Alaina Marie Mathers, Hailie Jade

Marshall Bruce – Early Life:

Marshall was born on June 30, 1951, at St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. There is no proper information about his parents and siblings. Even the details about his education are not known. His highest qualification was a graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Some information about his family and career is available on the internet.

Marshall Bruce – Personal Life:

Marshall Bruce was dating his girlfriend, Deborah Rae Nelson for many years. Later, the couple tied the knot in the mid-1970s. At the time of marriage, Marshall was 22-year old and his spouse was 15-year old. The couple had their first son on October 17, 1972. He is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. But he is well-known as Eminem, a rapper. 

When Eminem was younger, Marshall and Rae took a divorce and stayed apart. After his divorce in 1975, he was living in San Diego, California. The reason for Bruce and Rae’s divorce is the erratic behavior of Bruce. A few songs of Eminem were accusing his father’s activities.

Marshall Bruce had a secret affair with a lady, whose name is not known. According to some sources, the unknown lady is Teresa Harbin. He has two children with this lady. Their children are Michael and Sarah. He was closer to the lady, but he was not close to his son Eminem.

Marshall Bruce – Wife:

Deborah and Marshall were working together as a band member in Daddy Warbucks. Then they were also working in Ramada Inns, Dakota-Montana Border. Deborah was almost dead when she delivered her son, Eminem. She was facing labor pain for around 73 hours. She was 15 years old while delivering her son. Soon after her delivery, Marshall divorced her.

Marshall Bruce – Son:

Marshall Bruce’s son is a famous legendary rapper. Soon after his birth, Marshall left him and his mother. Marshall has one picture with his Son. This is the last picture of them. After this, Marshall didn’t see Eminem anywhere. Eminem has written many letters to his father. But all those letters came back to Eminem without any response. 

Eminem became a famous rapper with his hard work. The reason for his success is his father’s abandoned activities. When Eminem became popular, Marshall tried to see him. But Deborah didn’t allow him to meet the rapper. One of his interviews, Marshall told that “I want to meet my son, as I love him a lot”. Also “I am not interested in his money but want to talk to him”, says Marshall. But Eminem was not happy with his abandoning act, so he never wants to meet him. 

Eminem married Kim Scott on June 14, 1999. But the couple is not happy with each other, which leads to divorce in 2001. Again in January 2006, they began their relationship. Again it ends with a sad note. The couple has three daughters Hailie Jade, Whitney Scott, and Alaina Marie Mathers. So, Bruce has three granddaughters.

Marshall Bruce – Open Letter:

In 2010, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr wrote an open letter to Eminem in the Daily Mirror. In this letter, he wrote “Hello, son. I know you won’t remember me. You don’t like it as I dumped you and your mother and didn’t care about you people. But I have one ambition in my life which is to hug you and tell you I have always loved you”. 

Eminem said in one of his interviews “My father? I don’t know who he is. I never saw his picture from childhood. I also heard my father wants to contact me but I never get any letter from him”. 

Marshall Bruce – Body Measurements:

Marshall’s height was 5 feet 7 inches. His body weight was around 70 Kg. His body measurements were 40-30-35. His eyes color was blue, and his hair color was brown.

Marshall Bruce – Addiction:

Marshall Bruce was an alcoholic in his initial years. Later on, he wanted to concentrate on his passion and came out of alcohol addiction.

Marshall Bruce – Death:

In 2019, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr died from a heart attack. People find his body in his home near Fort Wayne, Indiana. At the time of his death, Eminem didn’t take part in the ceremony. Eminem doesn’t have any contact with his father. Marshall was 67 years old at the time of death.

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