What Is Megan Is Missing? What About Photo Number One Warning?

Megan Is Missing

Megan Is Missing is a horror film that looks like a true story. But it was not a true story, but the filmmaker used ‘found footage’ to look like a real story. Read through the article to know why this ‘Megan Is missing’ became popular suddenly.

This movie became a TikTok craze and people are wondering whether this movie is real.

Megan Is Missing:

‘Megan Is missing’ is a 2011 American horror movie. It was a ‘found footage’ movie and thus looks like a real story. Michael Goi is the director, editor, co-producer of this movie. 

The movie involves the days leading to the missing of Megan Stewart. Megan is a high school student in North Hollywood. She went on missing when she decided to meet a boy with whom she was chatting online. Amy Herman is the best friend of Megan and she launched the investigation. Rachel Quinn played the role of Megan and Amber Perkins played the role of Amy.

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Micheal created this movie based on real child abduction cases. The director planned to take this movie with a low budget of around $30 – $35,000. This movie is the first computer screen movie. 

How Did Movie Become Popular?

In 2020, the movie clips went viral on TikTok. After such movie clips went viral on TikTok, the director of this movie warned the people about ‘Photo number 1.’ So, what did the director shares about ‘‘Megan Is missing photo number 1.”

Megan Is Missing

The director gave some warnings like

  • Don’t watch the movie at the midnight
  • Don’t watch the movie without anyone
  • Stop watching the movie within four seconds once you see the words ‘Photo Number 1’ pop up message
  • Don’t watch the movie if you are already scared of seeing such freaky things

The director mainly made this movie for the parents and also to wake them all with this movie. But the children should not misuse this movie. This film later became a trend on Twitter too. 

Why is ‘Megan Is Missing’ So Controversial?

The creator of this movie finished shooting in 2006 itself. But he didn’t find the distribution company to release this movie. Finally, in 2001, Anchor Bay Films came forward to distribute this movie in limited theaters.

Though, the director promoted this movie, as an educational movie, it was banned in New Zealand after its release. The film got various critics from all directions. Some of the critics include 

  • Poor Acting Skill
  • Over-adult contents 
  • Sexual Violence
  • Brutal Imagery

The director wrote this story within 10 days and shot the movie within a week. With the graphic content in the movie, the director called the parents of the young cast members. He called them to get awareness about their children’s involvement in acting. 

Production Of This Movie:

As already said, ‘Megan Is Missing’ was a low-budget movie. The filmmaking team just used the found footage format to shoot this movie. The creator used his own money to make this movie, as he will not get investors due to his violent script. With a small crew of just 5 members, he started his shooting in 2006. 

The movie has

  • No sound recording equipment
  • No Motion picture lighting equipment

It seems that the movie should have a realistic and raw effect. Since the movie includes more adolescents, the director called the cast member’s parents to the set itself. This is to make them feel comfortable while shooting.


Thus, this movie is not a real story and people don’t have to get panic about watching this movie Megan Is Missing.

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