Best Strategies to Play Three-Card Poker and Win in the UK

Three-Card Poker

If there is one virtual poker game available on most online casino platforms with the latest UK no deposit casino bonuses these days, it’s three-card poker. This guide reveals how to play this hugely popular type of poker. You will also learn some of the best strategies to regularly play three-card poker and win.

Three-Card Poker

What Is Three-Card Poker All About?

As the name aptly suggests, this is a video poker card game where a player and the dealer are dealt a hand consisting of three cards. The winner is decided based on these three cards only, and you do not draw more cards in the game.

The game pits a player against the dealer after the player has made two bets: the ante bet and the pair plus bet. Some online casinos might want players to make both bets, while some will allow players to go ahead with either bet. And the objective is for the player to have a better hand than the dealer. The hands of the other players do not matter in this three-card Poker version.

The Basics of Three-Card Poker

As a player, you must place a first bet known simply as the ‘Ante Bet.’ This bet is placed on a box with ‘Ante’ stated on it. Once this bet is placed, you will be dealt three standard playing cards.

At this point, you can ‘Fold’ or ‘Surrender’ without getting to see the dealer’s hand. If you choose to ‘Fold,’ you will not see the dealer’s hand to know if you had a better hand, and you will lose your ‘Ante Bet.’ Players will typically fold if their hand has no chance to win against the dealer as per the Poker hand rankings, which we will discuss next.

However, if you decide to play, you will be required to place a second bet known as the ‘Play Bet.’ Your ‘Play Bet’ has to match your ‘Ante Bet.’ So if, for example, your ‘Ante Bet’ is USD 20, your ‘Play Bet’ should be USD 20 as well. Play also Sun Bingo’s exciting new fast-paced slots and 50-ball Slingo game now to get a new amazing casino experience.

Three-Card Poker Hand Rankings

The hand rankings in a three-card poker game are different from regular ones like Five Card Draw or Texas Hold’em.

The rankings are highlighted below from the lowest up to the highest rankings:

  • High playing cards (J, Q, K, A).
  • ‘One Pair’: For example, a pair of 5s. The payout is 1:1.
  • Flush (hand consisting of three cards from one suit). For example, 8, 6, and 4 of Spades. The payout is 3:1.
  • Straight (hand consisting of three consecutive ranked playing cards of any suit) for example, 3, 4 and 5. The payout is 6:1.
  • 3-of-a-kind or Trips (hand with three similar cards). The payout is 30:1.
  • Straight Flush (hand consisting of three consecutive playing cards from the one suit) for example, 3, 4 and 5 of hearts. The payout is 40:1.
  • Mini-Royal Flush (hand consisting of an Ace, King and Queen playing card of the same suit). The payout is 50:1 or 100:1.

The payouts might vary for different casinos.

Three-Card Poker Gameplay and Payout

After you place your ‘Play Bet,’ you and the dealer will reveal their hands and show the three cards.

Your hand is compared to that of the dealer, and if you have a better hand, you win a payout at an even money ratio of 1:1 on your ‘Ante Bet.’ Your ‘Play Bet’ is also returned to you.

Your ‘Play Bet’ only takes effect if the dealer’s hand qualifies. To qualify, the dealer needs a hand consisting of a Queen playing card. Where the dealer’s hand consists of a Jack-high or a lesser playing card, you will only receive a 1:1 payout on your ‘Ante Bet.’

Alternatively, your’ Play Bet’ is returned to you if the dealer’s hand does not consist of a Queen-high or better playing card. In this case, the payout on your ‘Ante Bet’ is all that you would get.

It is also possible for you to win Ante play bonuses if you have a strong hand according to the hand rankings. For example, a 3-of-a-kind hand will fetch you a 4:1 payout. So with an ‘Ante Bet’ of USD 20, you will receive a payout of USD 80 on a 3-of-a-kind hand.

With a ‘Straight Flush,’ you will earn a 5:1 payout on your current ‘Ante Bet.’ In the case of the example given, you will receive a USD 100 payout. Check also what we have learned about happiness to get to know whether casino games can bring it.

Three-Card Poker Game Bonus Bets

There are bonus bets that you can play in a three-card poker game. These bets can also be placed before a hand like your Ante and Play bets. While these special bets are not compulsory, they add some intrigue to your three-card poker gameplay.

  • Pair Plus: This is the first special bet you can place on a three-card poker game. Here you bet an extra amount of money that your hand will consist of ‘One Pair’ or better playing card combinations. It does not matter whether or not the dealer is qualified for the bonus bet.

A separate pay table exists for bonus bets, and if you win the ‘Pair Plus’ bonus bet, you earn the payout ratio stated on that paytable. You can either withdraw your earnings on a ‘Pair Plus’ bet or raise your bet as soon as you start playing.

  • 6-Card Bonus Bet: This special bonus bet involves all six playing cards, including the three in your hand and the three cards in the dealer’s hand. A 3-of-a-kind combination win is possible with this bet.

You combine any three cards from either your hand or the dealer’s hand to win Trips (30:1) payout. If you are lucky to win a ‘Royal Flush,’ you will earn an incredible 1,000:1 payout.

Winning Regularly With This Three-Card Poker Strategy

Three-card poker is an easy game to understand and play. What is important is understanding the hand that you should be playing and when to fold.

For example, a ‘Play Bet’ should be placed if your hand consists of Q, 6 and 4, or higher. If you have a combination that is less than Q, 6 and 4, you should fold and hope for a better hand in the next round.

The house edge of three-card poker is about 3.7%, while the RTP is around 96.7%. The main strategy in three-card poker lies in knowing which hand to play or not and bankroll management. That is because three-card poker is a straightforward game. Knowing which hand to play in each round will help to keep British players winning on a more consistent basis.

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