Married At First Sight Season 10 Cast & Where Are They Now

married at first sight season 10
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Married At First Sight is one of the most entertaining shows in the US that a lot of people tune in to watch. As per the sources, Married at first sight season 10 was really great with lots of promising couples. If you are looking for the recap of the 10 season, then you are at the right place.

You may want to catch up on your favorite couples from this show’s previous seasons. Then it’s time to check out how the five of the season 10 married at first sight couples are doing. In this article, we shall take a look at their current status and also a short recap of the 10th season. 

A Short Recap Of The 10th Season Of Married At First Sight

married at first sight season 10
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For those of you who want a short recap of married at first sight season 10, you are at the right place. So, the sources tell us that season 10 of this show featured five couples of the suburbs of Washington DC. In fact, it was the first season that followed five instead of the usual four couples. 

So, the sources tell us that the show has an overall success rate of around 24 percent. In other words, 24 percent of the couples stayed married after the season’s ending. Of course, this is pretty accurate for the 10th season’s couples as well. 

Married At First Sight Season 10 Cast

Married At First Sight Season 10 Cast
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If you want to know about the cast of the show’s 10th Season, then we already mentioned that the 10th season had five couples instead of four. Here are the couples from the 10th season of the show.

Austin & Jessica 

Say hello to the happy couple Austin & Jessica from Married at first sight season 10. In fact, it’s worth noting that they have also welcomed their little son Westin into their family. On a video montage, Austin also paid a tribute to his wife on her first mother’s day. Jessica also returned the favor as well with a beautiful message on Austin’s first father’s day. So, the fans may like to know that this is the only match from season 10.

Meka Jones & Michael

For the fans of Meka and Michael, we have bad news because the couple chose an annulment after their marriage. So, the sources tell us that Meka has expressed trust issues regarding her husband Michael’s job status. In fact, they were the first couples in the show’s history to get an annulment than a total divorce. 

Zach & Mindy

Next on the list of Married at first sight cast season 10, we have Zach and Mindy. Like the others, except Austin & Jessica, Zack and Mindy’s marriage didn’t work out. Despite the fact that both of them are fitness gurus, due to some reason, they just didn’t click as a couple. 

In fact, Zack did admit that he never felt any attraction for his bridge Mindy. Well, it just shows that you just cannot throw a couple together and expect amazing results. Moreover, it’s also true that Zach did make a few questionable choices during their time together. 

Brandon & Taylor

It was a total disaster for Brand and Taylor from the 10th Season of the show. The majority of the fans didn’t like either of them for some reason. They even called on her the other as the enemy of the relationship as well. In fact, there are rumors that Taylor was the last-minute addition to the show. 

Derek & Katie

Last one on our list of Married at first sight season 10 couples is Derek and Katie. For many, Derek was the darling of the season. So, that’s why a lot of fans wanted him to find the right woman in his life and be happy. However, a lot of reasons confused Katie and she just couldn’t feel in place in the show despite showing interest in Derek. That’s why the couple took a divorce before the reunion of the show. 

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  • Married at first sight season 10 where are they now?

Only Austin and Jessica have stayed married in the show. The other couples have either opted for a divorce or annulment. 

  • Married at first sight season 10 who is still together?

Austin and Jessica.

  • Season 10 Married at first sight where are they now?

Barring Austin and Jessica, who found love in each other, the other couples are focusing on their personal lives. 

  • When was married at first sight season 10 filmed?

2013, 4th September.

  • Why knot Married at first sight season 10?

The show centers around matchmaking. 

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