Paysafe for Online Casinos

Paysafe for Online Casinos


Paysafe Card, a payment system for electronic money, is an alternative to cash in some cases. This type of payment system is designed specifically for Paysafe casinos web transactions and mobile payments. Paysafe Cards are available in many different currencies and can be redeemed for cash.

The company was founded on November 22nd, 1997, by Markus Jahn and Pierre Duquesnoy as a subsidiary company of Paysafe Group Ltd., a financial conglomerate based in Luxembourg. That same year, the company had registered 50 million pounds of revenue from their first year with over 100 employees worldwide according to their website (www.Paysafe card-enterprise). On February 3rd 2000 they acquired the Hungarian based digital wallet provider E-net-Payment.

On January 1st, 2016 Paysafe entered into a strategic partnership with PaySafe Investments Limited and gained an extra 3 million customers. The company closed their transaction with Mr. Miralem Topcagic, the founder of the system “PayPaid” and also a holder of three A-Class licences for online gambling in Malta. Mr. Topcagic has been named Chairman of Paysafe Card International (PCI). 

Paysafe Online Payments

The Paysafe card is a card that can be used for online payment mainly at online casinos and e-commerce stores. The card can be used to make payment across the globe in shops, post offices, and online. The Paysafe card is also accepted for pay-phone calls within the UK. The cardholder can check their balance online, as well as check and top up the card with credit (Auszahlungsverfahren), paying by internet banking or debit cards using the RFID chip. 

Paysafe Card is stored electronically in a bank account monitored by the issuer of Paysafe Card (Paysafe card). The provider receives a commission for every transaction it performs. The Paysafe Card MasterCard and Visa card is charged at the time of purchase in the online casino, by card, E-payment or phone payment.

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The Paysafe card electronic payment system is available in more than 100 countries and territories. Some major debit cards can be used to make payments online through Paysafe Card to provide a quick and safe way of making secure payments. This service is particularly useful for players in mobile phones.

Paysafe card can be purchased in various offline stores and on their websites. The products are also sold on Amazon Marketplace and other e-commerce sites with which it works closely.

The Paysafe company recommends that the partners use the system effectively and contribute to the development of electronic payment solutions.


Paysafe card has a good reputation in terms of security. The company is among the leaders in mobile payments and mobile gambling, Paysafe card has been able to develop its reputation for security over the years by providing a secure environment for users.

The Paysafe card issuer is known to be committed to creating new products that have been tailored to meet modern online payments needs and enhance customer experience with faster processing times as well as greater security and availability of financial resources on demand.

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