Malaak Compton Rock And Chris Rock: What Went On Between The Two?

Malaak Compton Rock

Netizens search for various things of interest on the internet and Malaak Compton-Rock has recently emerged as such a topic of popular interest. However, if you do not know her, let me inform you that she is a popular tv personality, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. Now, if there is still a shred of doubt about her, let me further inform you that she is the former wife of Chris Rock. Yes! I am talking about the famous comedian Chris Rock.

Chris perhaps needs no introduction. However, as an attempt to introduce him to you all, let me add that he is in the fifth spot on the list of the 50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time by Rolling Stone. His quick wit and edgy humour made him a prominent stand-up comedian in the entertainment industry. However, like his professional career, his personal life, especially his relationship with Malaak, has gained great interest on a global basis. Therefore, if you wish to know more about Malaak and her relationship with this famed comedian, then this article is the perfect stop for you. 

About Malaak Compton-Rock

Malaak breathed her first on June 13, 1969. She was born to her parents in Oakland, California, United States. Though nothing is known about her early life and education, we know that she stepped into the entertainment industry as a publicist. In this capacity, she worked alongside some of the big names in the business. 

As an entrepreneur, she also led the foundation of StyleWorks, which is a nonprofit organisation. This organisation aims to proving job-readiness training and professional attire to needy women, free of cost. Her work for the Angelrock Project, for social change, as its Executive Director is also well-known and much appreciated. Moreover, she also works for sustainable change and promotes social responsibility. In addition to this, as a part of her career in the entertainment industry, she has also organised many events and programs for VH1, BET and some other networks. 

About Malaak Compton-Rock
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Malaak Compton-Rock Net Worth

A rough estimate shows that Malaak has a net worth of around $30 million, as of 2023. However, this is an estimation and therefore the real figures might vary slightly. 

Malaak Compton-Rock Net Worth
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Malaak-Chris Relationship 

Things started to work between the couple in 1994. This year, Malaak met Rock for the first time at the Essence Magazine awards. At that time, she was working as a Hollywood publicist. After two years from 1994, they started to date. In fact, they did not delay their marriage and quickly read their marriage vows on the 23rd of November 1996. 

After their marriage, the couple welcomed their first daughter Lola Simon, on the 28th of June, 2002. However, they went on to increase their family as the couple welcomed Zahra Savannah, their second daughter, on the 22nd of May 2004. In fact, on many occasions, Chris admitted that Malaak change him as a person. He also admitted that the 9/11 attack kindled in him the desire to become a father.

But The End Was Near  

Though according to many of their fans, the Chris-Malaak pair was the one made in the heavens, the couple decided to part ways in 2014. The disagreement started to raise its ugly head between the two regarding a third child, they were to adopt. The name of this child is Ntombi. Malaak adopted her from South Africa and she wanted to pay child support for her. However, Chris disagreed. 

Finally, this disagreement took the form of unreconcilable differences. Finally, in 2016, the couple parted ways legally. In addition, Rock also candidly confessed later in 2017 that he was an infidel during his marriage to Malaak. He stated that she had been in a relationship with at least three other women during that time. 

Malaak-Chris Relationship 
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Malaak Compton-Rock Boyfriend

Malaak has evidently moved on in her life and has been dating someone now. We can see many pictures and tweets about that person by her. However, she is yet to reveal his name to the public. 


1. Are Chris and Malaak still together?

No. The couple parted ways in 2016.

2. Is Malaak dating someone at present?

Malaak is in a relationship with a person, whose identity she has not yet divulged to the public. 

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