Is Amazing Selling Machine (ASM 12) Still Worth It In 2020?

Amazing Selling Machine

Want to become a successful seller on Amazon? Read on to learn more about Amazing Selling Machine, the best training program for Amazon Entrepreneurs.

The e-commerce sector, all over the world, is raking in billions of dollars each year. Thanks to platforms like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc, the e-commerce market has become global. People from all over the world buy and sell items from these websites.

Amazon is without a doubt, the most successful of these e-commerce entities. People literally can become millionaires overnight if they can successfully market and sell their products on Amazon. You can find thousands of small businesses that became global brands through Amazon.

Would you like to become a successful entrepreneur on Amazon? Would you like to learn how to effectively market and sell your products on Amazon? You can do that with the Amazing Selling Machine.

What Exactly Is The Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive course that teaches you the ins and outs of building your Amazon FBA business. Through the course, you learn to build your brand from scratch. You get to learn how to go through the various layers of establishing your brand on the Amazon platform.

Amazing Selling Machine was created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, and is designed in a way that gives you an in-depth insight into the world of Amazon FBA business. It is extremely content-heavy, which makes sense of its big price tag.

The current version, ASM 12 has eight modules that will teach you how to realistically start, run, and scale your Amazon FBA business.

Features Of The ASM 12 Training Program

Embarking into the e-commerce journey is not easy, but this training program will not only help you get started but also guide you continuously throughout the process.

The entire learning process is goal-oriented, explaining in detail how running a business should be. You can cross over to the next module only after finishing the one before it.

Other than the eight modules, the ASM 12 training program also features an introductory module, numerous resources, supplementary lessons, guidance from ASM mentors, etc. You get a lifetime to access all these and become a part of the driven and helpful private community.

The Amazing Selling Machine doesn’t just help you to learn, it guides you step by step with actions you need to take.


With the ASM 12, even a beginner with no prior knowledge of online business, let alone Amazon FBA, can become a professional seller on Amazon.

The introductory module helps you understand the overview of how the business runs within Amazon and what kind of mindset you need to move forward.

The following modules teach you how to choose the right product, do sampling, find suppliers, and understand how much profit you can make, etc.

You receive training in creating your brand and advanced online marketing strategies. You learn to create the perfect product page and the best ways to launch your product, including social media marketing. The training ends by helping you understand how to reach new heights with your business.

The ASM Mentors

When you start a business, you might face failures again and again. You are like a baby learning to walk, continuously making mistakes until you understand how to do it right. While running a business, numerous errors are made and the steps you take to correct this is how you gain experience.

A lot of times people needs if someone could guide them and show them the ropes, advise them against a bad decision, finding success can become faster and easier.

The ASM mentors are professionals who understand deeply how e-commerce and the Amazon FBA works. You can ask them questions and they can provide guidance and advice throughout the process of running your business.

The Exclusive Amazing Selling Machine Community

Becoming a part of a training program like this means you need to stay motivated constantly. With an ASM account, you get to see how well the others are progressing within the community.

You see people from every step of life running Amazon FBA. You see successful professionals who are making thousands of dollars every week, people who are doing moderately well, and people like you who are just starting. This will help you stay motivated and remain on track with your goals.

You can ask questions and interact within the forum and the others will happily help you understand and help you with everything you need. You get to learn from the community and become a part of something bigger.

Rare Resources

The world of Amazon FBA is complicated and to better understand how things work, you will need to do plenty of research. In the e-commerce world, technology and knowledge surrounding it are constantly evolving. The information and resources you will need are endless. 

Staying in line with all that on your own is not easy. If you want to eliminate chances of failure you need help and Amazing Selling Machines provides you with every resource you need to start with. 

One needs to understand this training has been made and is constantly upgraded by professionals with years of experience. They are not just teaching you, they are pushing you to get into actions. You will find resources that are not available anywhere else.

Will The Amazing Selling Machine Work For You?

The upfront price of the Amazing Selling Machine is nearly $5000, a big sum that anyone will hesitate to spend. But, this training course is priceless if you truly want to start your Amazon FBA.

Whether the ASM 12 will work for you, really depends on you. You must first ask yourself if you can to truly run an Amazon FBA. Running a business takes patience, hard work, and perseverance. You need to be fully committed to the training and the business if you want success.

If you do decide to spend that big amount on the training, you must take it seriously. Soak in the knowledge and apply it to real-life practice, and become successful.

Final Thoughts

If your goal is to run a successful, fulfilling Amazon FBA business, the Amazing Selling Machine is the right training you need. The year 2020 has shown the importance of e-commerce, helping people make millions of dollars through Amazon. You can join their ranks with the help of ASM 12.

You can get legit success through Amazing Selling Machine, but you must be goal-oriented and committed, and make the most out of your training.