Real Estate Agent: How to Find One in Toronto?

Real Estate Agent
Businesswoman Real Estate Agent with House

You have recently shifted to Toronto, and you are looking for a lovely apartment. The first person you would think of to contact is a real estate agent. It is no brainer to find you the best accommodation in the locality and the place within your budget. But understanding how they work and knowing which is better for you in a new city is the more challenging part. Read on to know all about it!

What Do They Do?

There are hundreds of properties all around Toronto, and if you want to buy one or even sell any of your property, you cannot survey the entire area for the search of the best client. Real estate agents ease this for you. They have information about different properties in town. They contact the dealers or help you look for potential buyers. The best thing about their job is that they do not have to spend much on their own. All it takes is to gather information and help clients with that information. They can also guide you in better marketing plans as the real estate agents contact different buyers and sellers, so they know the market rates of properties.  

How To Find A Real Estate Agent In Toronto?

Now the actual question arises on how one can find the best real estate agents. This is because in a city like Toronto, hundreds of real estate agents, and probably there might be those up for scamming people. So one needs to be very careful when finding a real estate agent. Some of the following points will help you in finding the best one.

  • Ask your friends and family members if they have hired one in the past or know of any right real estate agent.
  • Look for the review of people on their page or website.
  • Please do your research by knowing where they are based and their transactions in the recent past.
  • Don’t just go for saving money. You have to be careful in both cases that you do not spend too much or do not spend too little. You will get what you pay for such a select one with appropriate rates.
  • Try to hire real estate agents who are based in Toronto. It is a lesser chance that you will get scammed by them.
  • And lastly, trust your gut feeling.

How Much Do They Cost?

Real estate agents charge on commission with each bought and sold property. The typical commission by most real estate agents is around 6% of the total amount. A real estate agent in Toronto can make up to a hundred thousand dollars per year on average.


Realtors are hard to find, especially in a big city like Toronto. This is because there are many you cannot rely on. In that case, look out for people in your locality and ask around if anyone knows of someone. Hiring a real estate agent eases half of your work. So next time you are up for any such property related work, hire one!

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