Lev, Candace Cameron Bure’s Son Ends Engagement To Taylor Hutchison Eight Months After Proposal

Taylor Hutchison
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Did you know that Full House star Candace Cameron Bure has told the media that her son Lev has broken off the engagement to Taylor Hutchison? Apparently, Lev had proposed Taylor eight months before. However, he has decided to end the engagement for a few reasons.

We know that Taylor Hutchison and Lev, the son of Candace had a thing for a long time. However, their relationship won’t see the next stage because Lev and Taylor have called off the wedding.

So, it’s worth noting that the Full House Star Candace announced the news of their engagement back in August. Therefore, a lot of fans and followers of her were excited about the whole wedding.

However, as we said before, things didn’t actually go according to the plan. So, Candace, the 45-year-old Full House Star broke the news in an interview with the media. If you want to know more about them then follow this article. Here you will get all sorts of info on Lev and Taylor’s marriage.

Candace’s Shocking Admittance To Media About Her Son’s Decision

Well, it was eight months ago that Lev proposed to Taylor Hutchison. So naturally, this decision of Lev has come as a surprise to many. Candace in an interview shared that his son Lev decided to call off the marriage.

So, she notified US magazine after they had asked her about the event’s progress. Jokingly she asked them whether they have received the memo or not. She said that her family didn’t make any announcement but his son is not getting married to Taylor Hutchison.

As per the reports, it was a mutual decision on their part. In other words, Lev herself didn’t take this decision. However, it feels so bad to know that due to some reason their eight-month-long engagement is off.

So as we said earlier, according to Candace, it was a mutual decision that his son and Taylor has taken. Previously she spoke to an outlet in the month of November after her son and Taylor Hutchison announced their engagement. So, she said that she loved them conditionally. She added that she wanted to be a part of their lives. Moreover, she wanted to become a grandmother as well.

“I don’t want to do anything to rock the boat…I just want to be there to support”. As a mother, she also had the hopes to become the best mother-in-law in the town as well. Moreover, she was really ecstatic to become the hot grandma.

In addition, we can also note that she took to Instagram to share her excitement on the previous occasions. So, in august, while writing about her son, she said how her son Lev announced the proposal to his girlfriend Taylor. Moreover, Candace had the full support of their relationship from what we could gather.

A Quick Look At Candace’s Other Children And How The Mother Candace Has Kept Herself Busy

Well, we know that the decision of breaking the engagement was kind of sudden. However, that doesn’t stop time in any sense, right? Well, it’s worth noting that Full House star Candace and her husband Valerie Bure also share other children- Natasha 22, and Maksim, 19.

Despite the cancellation of the wedding, the author is super busy with all her work. In fact, it’s worth noting that she’s launching her new Candace Cameron Bure QVC line. She said that she’s so proud of the Candance Cameron Bure Clothing line. Moreover, she also said that she had worked on it for a long long time. Therefore, she expressed her happiness while sharing it with everyone.