What is Post-Construction Cleaning and What Does it Entail?

Post-Construction Cleaning

Did you just have a new addition built onto your house? Or did you have some recent ceiling or flooring repairs?

Chances are, you’re ready to enjoy your fresh spaces! But, there is one glaring task that is easy to forget about: post-construction cleaning. 

Cleaning your home is nothing new, but, there is more to post-construction cleaning than originally meets the eye. This type of clean-up is detail-oriented and thorough. 

Before you tackle this project yourself, review what makes this category of cleaning different and how to get started!

What Is Post-Construction Cleaning? 

It may sound simple, but post-construction cleanup deals with items you may not use day-to-day. Though the contractor you work with should do a majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning up, there are some small items that get overlooked. These things can include:

  • insulation
  • large amounts of dust
  • loose hardware
  • pieces of drywall
  • pieces of wood
  • glass

If these items are left in your home or a building you manage, more issues may arise in the future. You, your children, or your renters could get hurt if there are extra construction pieces left around. 

The more detailed cleaning you invest in now, the safer and more sanitary your space will be later. 

What Does Post-Construction Cleaning Entail?

There are several stages to this process, so it may be nice to find an outside company to help! They generally have post-construction cleaning checklists so they know they’ve cleaned your area to its highest potential. 

For example, Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC does a great job getting spaces ready after a construction job. They specialize in both residential and commercial cleanings.

Basic Cleanup

The first step seems obvious: clean up the rough debris and items that are easy to see and pick up. You can begin this process on your own, but you’ll need to wear protective gear like gloves, goggles, and masks.

You’ll also use your vacuum to clear things out. There is a hazard in doing this, though, as dust may be covering up things like nails and glass that will damage your vacuum. 

Deep Cleaning

Doing a thorough deep clean is key, especially if you’re doing a residential post-construction cleaning for yourself or renters. This is the stage where you’ll need to get into each nook and cranny of your space. This is considered by some to be the most important phase in getting everything cleaned up. 

Again, when deep cleaning, safety is key. You never know what construction hazards could be tuck away behind a door or next to the baseboard. 

The Polisher 

The final stage in post-construction cleaning is to do a deep clean of carpets and rugs. You’ll also need to go back and sanitize everything that was cleaned earlier. When you’re in your newly renovated space, you want to feel comfortable. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Each of the steps listed above makes post-construction cleaning sound simple. But, there is a lot of heavy-duty equipment involved. 

Instead of renting the other equipment and using up your own time, hire a professional such as Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning. They have the supplies, expertise, and manpower needed to make everything go smoothly. 

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