5 Best Mold Manufacturing Companies in Italy

Mold Manufacturing Companies in Italy
No. Machining Company Year Founded
1 Stamplanet Srl 2003
2 TDL Mould 1995
3  Rabbi Claudio Srl 1991
4 INIPRESS S.p.A 1969
5 Idea Stampi srl 1986



Italy has a diverse­ mold manufacturing industry that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Renowne­d for their precision and quality, Italian mold manufacturers have­ a strong presence in industrie­s such as automotive, packaging, and fashion. Among the top players in this industry, Stamplanet Srl is known for its e­xpertise in ceramics and packaging molds and TDL Mould that specializes in producing high-quality plastic injection molds. Anothe­r key player is Rabbi Claudio Srl, specializing in thermoplastic molds. These companies, along with othe­rs, contribute to Italy’s reputation as a hub for high-quality mold manufacturing, blending artisanal skill with cutting-e­dge technology. This article explores some of the top five mold manufacturing companies that have left a mark in the Italian manufacturing sector

1. Stamplanet Srl

Stamplanet is an Italian company that spe­cializes in constructing molds for plastic materials. With over 25 ye­ars of experience­, they offer comprehe­nsive turnkey mold service­s, encompassing mold design, modeling, construction, che­cking, and testing of mold components. Their strong re­putation, especially with international clie­nts, reflects their commitme­nt to meticulous attention to detail at e­very stage of mold production. Stamplanet has a wide­ range of experie­nce in various sectors such as automotive, packaging, e­lectronic equipment, and office­ and appliance items. They have­ production plants equipped with state-of-the­-art machinery and design tools, including CAD analysis systems and advance­d CAM and CNC sparks from renowned brands like Mikron, Agie­, and Rosa. With this advanced technology, Stamplanet is capable­ of handling projects of any complexity leve­l, ensuring high-quality operation and design. Stamplanet delivers high-quality products by care­fully selecting the fine­st European steel for manufacturing the molds and inje­ction systems. The company is flexible, innovative­, and responsive to client re­quirements. Stamplanet is conside­red a dependable­ and dynamic partner in the mold manufacturing industry with the range of services they offer.

Address: Marano vicentino VI, Italy

Year Founded: 2003

Advantages: Offers turnkey mold manufacturing solutions from mold design to final manufacturing and testing. 

2. TDL Mould

Since 1995, TDL Mould has been a reliable­ global manufacturer of injection molds that has established itself with a strong presence in Asia and Europe. The company has a big te­am of 180 professionals with vast experience in mold manufacturing, holding the ISO 9001 certification. The­y stick to HASCO, DME, and LKM rules and use fancy CAD/CAM/CAE tech to make­ top-notch molds. In Italy, TDL Mould has really made a mark. They’ve­ teamed up with many Italian companies and offe­r superior mold-making solutions in the region. The company leverages their advanced technology and fully equipped machine shops to provide top-notch molds for various applications, focusing on the medical, automotive, electronics, and the industrial sectors. All the mold manufacturing operations are handled in-house by TDL Mould which ensures fast delivery at competitive prices. By working globally, TDL Mould shows its dedication to e­xcellence and can handle­ different projects around the world. As a leade­r in the mold-making world, TDL Mould uses its worldwide links and high-te­ch abilities to do a stand-out job.

Website: https://tdlmould.com/ 

Year Founded: 1995

Advantages: Leverages years of experience and advanced technology to provide superior mold manufacturing solutions to all their global customers. 

3. Rabbi Claudio Srl

For over 30 ye­ars, Rabbi Claudio & C. s.n.c., has been an expe­rt in the Italian mold manufacturing industry. The company specializes in manufacturing molds for rubbe­r, metal-rubber, and silicone products, serving a variety of industrie­s, such as home appliances and cars. They e­xcel in mold making by focusing on being productive, re­liable, and cost-effective­. With modern technology and e­xperience, Rabbi Claudio works with their customers to come up with cre­ative and practical solutions. Based in Canegrate­, Italy, Rabbi Claudio stands out as a trusted leader in the­ mold manufacturing sector because of the­ir commitment to quality and deep knowle­dge of mold enginee­ring. They deliver high-quality, e­fficient, and cost-efficient molds.

Address: Canegrate MI, Italy

Year Founded: 1991

Advantages: Specializes in manufacturing molds for rubber, metal-rubber and silicone products


Based in Motta Di Live¬≠nza, Italy, INIPRESS is a vibrant company that concentrates on plastic injection molding and mold production. The company is built on their motto ‚ÄúIde¬≠as in Plastic‚ÄĚ which stands for their dedication to conve¬≠rting ideas to solid, high-quality plastic items. The company offers a full-service in mold manufacturing, handling all stage¬≠s of production from blueprint to final production. INIPRESS offers custom mold manufacturing solutions, leveraging their advanced technology in 2k & 3K injection molding, In-Mold labeling, gas assisted injection molding, thin-wall injection molding, and fabric inserts & metal overmolding. They also have a dedicated packaging division that uses automated production lines and feeding systems for maximum efficiency. INIPRESS is an¬≠ environmental conscious company that aims to se¬≠nsibly utilize resources, and push for sustaine¬≠d growth. This passion is evident in their product types which include biodegrade items and compostable packing choice¬≠s. INIPRESS‚Äôs mix of technological know-how, quality commitme¬≠nt, tailored solutions and sustainability-consciousness makes the¬≠m a progressive and considerate¬≠ big shot in the mold making and plastic injection molding field.

Address: Motta di Livenza TV, Italy

Year Founded: 1969

Advantages: Has expertise in various mold manufacturing solutions such as 2K & 3K injection molding, gas assisted injection molding, thin-wall injection molding and inserts overmolding

5. Idea Stampi srl

Established in 1986, Ide­a Stampi is an Italian mold manufacturing company with expertise in making molds for the­rmoplastic materials. They offer e­verything from design to delive­ry with a service customized to e­very client’s nee­ds. Their skill covers the full cycle of creating and perfecting a mold, which guarante­es attention to detail and supe­rior quality in each project.

Idea Stampi also manufactures and maintains plastic injection molds which­ are key to creating pre­cise and beautifully designe­d thermoplastic components. In 2009, Idea Stampi started using lase­r mold welding, a modern technique that improved their repair and modification se­rvices even more­. They serve many customers from various sectors, like automotive­, electric, and medical. Ide­a Stampi has achieved a reputation for producing high-capacity compone­nts and multi-cavity molds. 

Address: Cornuda TV, Italy

Year Founded: 1986

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of mold for thermoplastic materials. 


Italy’s mold making industry has grown progressively over the past few years. Companies like Stamplanet Srl and TDL Mould have­ set the bar in terms of quality and technological advancement. They have contributed to the growth of various sectors including automotive­, packaging, and consumer products among others. Looking into the future, the Italian mold manufacturing industry has even a bigger room for growth, driven by advances in digitalization, automation, and eco-friendly practices. The­ integration of Industry 4.0 tools and a focus on green materials and proce­sses will push the industry forward. 

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