Gaming PC 8Pack OrionX2 – Explain About GPU And Memory?

Gaming PC

With the improvement of technology, people are looking for the best gaming PCs to get a good experience. For such people, gaming creators invented the high-end gaming PC. And interestingly, it is the world’s most expensive PC. It is 8Pack OrionX that created a revolution in the gaming world.

In this article, let us discuss about 8Pack OrionX2 and its GPU and memory.

Gaming PC 8Pack OrionX2 – GPU:

GPU also plays a vital role in this gaming PC. In addition to water-cooling CPU and NVMe, GPU is also water-cooled here. In this OrionX2, there are two Nvidia RTX Titan Graphics Cards, and both of them are connected with NV-Link. Thus, you can easily merge their power and use them for gaming.

8Pack OrionX2

Though you can merge the power and use them for gaming, you need a primary system to carry out computational tasks. In this PC, you have three independent RTX Titan GPUs. So you can work with anyone of it. All such graphics cards come under the part of the cooling loop. 

According to the Overclockers UK, they are explaining clearly about this water cooling loop. For the cooling process, all three independent loops are responsible. They will manage on their own using Aquaero 6 from Aqua Computer. Thus, it is convenient to control them all.

The coolers used to cool the CPN and NVMe drive are 480 mm radiator and 360 mm radiator. To recognize them visually, you can use the color of the coolants. They are in grey and silver liquid colors respectively.  To cool the CPU’s mini ITX system, a 360 mm radiator is used which is in red. 

One needs to notice the unique design of the water cooling setup present in this gaming PC. This is exactly different and specially designed for the OrionX2. Thus, it varies from the components utilized from Mayhem, EK Water Blocks, and Aqua Computer.

Thus, the liquid coolant as the whole system is in the shape of the 8Pack logo. It is the point where all the liquid coolants and pumps meet finally together. The best work about this 8Pack logo design is the acrylic plates which are customized in such a shape. Therefore, the uniqueness of the system does not only depend on the design and performance but also the functionalities as well.

Gaming PC – Memory:

Memory also plays a vital part in making this gaming PC, expensive. Both RAM and storage are good on this PC. Here you will get an option to choose either 64GB or 128GB RAM. But both of them run at 3600MHz but the lower capacity of 64GB has better timings in some cases. It is an individual choice to go with any one of these RAMs. 

Coming to the storage, you will get two 2TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSDs. These two are one for primary storage and the other one for secondary storage. The entire storage system looks good and the reason for this good design is the BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 LED lighting strips.


This is all about the GPU and the memory of the expensive gaming PC. Utilize these features of memory and storage to get a wonderful gaming experience. 

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