How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities? What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay?

how many jobs are available in public utilities

As we all know, the public utility sector is one of the most integral parts of society. It provides fundamental services to the general people. So, if you are wondering how many jobs are available in public utilities, then you are at the right place. It’s great news that the number of jobs in the public utilities is increasing because the sectors are employing a lot of workers.

So, in other words, the field of public utilities is now growing at a rapid rate. There are numerous opportunities for the people who are showing interest. Indeed, that’s why it’s time to check out What Companies Are In The Public Utilities Field?

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

In this article, we shall talk about public utilities and the number of jobs that are available. So, it’s time to go through this article and get everything that you need to know about public utilities. The field is a pervasive one so there are numerous opportunities for you. So, here you will check out the different types of jobs in this field.

A Few Things To Know What Do Public Utilities Jobs Pay

First of all, the public utilities in the US play a huge role in the economy. According to the sources, it provides an essential service to millions of people each day. It gives, for example, water supply, electricity, natural gas, and also sewage removal. The sources tell us that there are over 600k workers across the country.

The number is only on increasing mode. In fact, the stats are showing that there’s an increase of 0.5% annually between 2017 and 2022. The growth is likely because of an aging population that requires more services. Since there’s an increased demand for water and energy, we have a lot more workers looking for public utilities.

If you are looking to know Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities, then you are probably aware of the fact that it provides stable employment with decent benefits. So, there are a lot of jobs available in this sector, like positions in maintenance, engineering, customer service, etc.

List Of Public Utilities Services That Offers Remarkable Opportunities

So, in other words, we can say that public utilities are a great place to start your career because you will get various benefits. Now, it’s time to check out the major departments of public utility service and see what sort of jobs are there.

  • Electric Power Utilities

First, on the list, we have the electric power utility sector. As we all know, electricity is a basic need in the modern world. It powers our businesses, homes, and industries, and offers us a lot of benefits.

Electric Power Utilities

In the US, there’s a public utility system that ensures that everyone has access to seamless electricity. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that federal and state governments regulate this industry to ensure that consumers will receive affordable and reliable services.

There are three main sectors when it comes to electric utility: generation, distribution, and transmission. The first one, generation takes place at the power plants. This is where the electricity is created from various energy sources like natural gas, coal, nuclear fission, etc. As of now, there are around 172k people working in this sector.

Next, we have a transmission and distribution service, which is a very vital component to consider. So, this industry provides electricity for residential customers and commercial ones. Moreover, it’s also true that they wholesale the power they sell to other companies.

There are a lot of people who can join electric power utilities and get favorable prospects here. So, if you are trying to find how many jobs are available in public utilities, then you will find electric power utility sound and prospective.

  • Water & Sewage Utility Sector

Next, we have the water and sewage utility sector for those who are looking for how many jobs are available in public utilities. In the US, it’s a very important sector because a lot of companies work here and play a different role. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that this sector is responsible for removing wastewater from houses and businesses.

Water & Sewage Utility Sector

Thereafter, they treat that water before releasing it back into the environment. Thus, we can say that this is a very unique and essential process that keeps our water resources clean and healthy.

The sewage water removal sector is a massive sector in the US and it employs thousands of people across the country too. Moreover, the companies that work in this sector are also responsible for maintaining and building wastewater treatment plants that collect and dispose of water.

Especially, due to modern technology and strict rules, this industry is evolving on a continuous basis. Therefore, we can say that there are numerous opportunities in this sector more than ever. Are you looking for how many jobs are available in public utilities? Well, then your answer is the right place.

  • Natural Gas Utilities

Those of you who are looking at Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution, then we have some good news for you. Apparently, in the US, the craze for natural gas utilities is extreme. According to the sources, it’s one of the most essential sectors in the US economy.

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

This is the sector that’s responsible for providing the general people access to natural gas which then they use to heat homes and power up facilities. Just like the other sectors, this sector is also growing quite well over the years.

Each day, there are a lot of workers who are joining this sector. Therefore, if someone asks, how many jobs are available in public utilities, then we can always recommend this industry.

It’s also one of the most rapidly growing sectors over the years. A lot of people are discovering the benefits of using natural gas and that’s probably the reason behind its success. For instance, the electric power sector is also using natural gas.

Therefore, we can see the complementary relationship between these sectors. The electric sector uses natural gas to generate electricity and produce thermal output. In the US, 38 percent of the natural gas (approx) is used for electric power generation, according to the stats.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about how many jobs are available in public sectors, because even the industrial sector has some uses for Natural gas. Actually, this sector is one of the main consumers of natural gas as compared to any other sector.

Average Pay Of A Utility Worker

Now let’s come to the brass tacks because that’s where the interest lies of most people. You don’t usually search for how many jobs are available in public utilities without knowing the pay scale.

According to the sources, the average pay of a utility worker in the US is around 82k per year. On average, a utility employee also works around 43.7 hours a week. One has to note that the salary varies depending on the specifics of the job.

There are a lot of benefits a worker will get in addition to salary as well. Furthermore, we should also mention that the workers should have a high school diploma or equivalent to get a chance. However, there are a few companies that require even more specialized training and certificates.

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