4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Wholesale Loose Diamonds in Garland

Wholesale Loose Diamonds in Garland

If you are planning to buy diamonds then consider some factors before you go shopping so you can get a good quality diamond. Wholesale loose diamonds in Garland can be a good choice since they are more affordable plus they have more advantages than buying from a wholesale store. So be a wise buyer and know what factors to check and get familiar with before buying diamonds. 

4cs of Diamond 

Just like buying any property you have to educate yourself first about the things that cover diamonds before choosing one to buy. Diamonds are evaluated by the 4cs which include color, clarity, cut, and carat. Each is graded according to its intensity, familiarize yourself with the 4cs of diamonds and you can have an idea of what to look for once you step inside the wholesale diamond store.  

Diamond’s Certification

Diamond certificates are issued to every diamond sold in the market, certifications are given by legit diamond valuations such as the Gemological Institute of America. Which is one of the most popular and reliable laboratories for evaluating diamonds. Diamond certificates can be the best way to know the attributes of the diamond and its authenticity. 

The Wearer’s preference

Since diamonds come in many shapes, sizes and forms. You have to know what you want for your diamond or if you will be giving it as a gift then you have to know the preference of the receiver. Jewelry will be more appreciated if they have it in their preferred shape, color, and design. So know the preference of the wearer to give the satisfaction. List down the attributes of the diamonds that match their preference so you can easily choose once you shop. 

Your Budget

Setting a budget can make your shopping easier since you can narrow down your choices according to the budget you have. In a wholesale diamond store, they will have a wider variety of choices since they have a bigger market. It will be hard for you to pick one, but by having a budget you can concentrate on the ones within your budget. 

What should You look for when buying a loose diamond in Garland?


Know the average price of wholesale diamonds. Each shape, size, and carat have a different price range. In order for you to have an idea of how much your diamond preference costs, check the average pricing in Garland online diamond market. Wholesale diamonds have a rapport report where they follow the prices for each diamond, an honest diamond dealer would show you the Rapaport pricing and you will determine if the price is good enough or overpricing.

Quality of Diamonds

Check on their diamond quality by checking if they have the proper tools to check the diamond. Most wholesale diamonds would have loupe and other tools to show their customers the in-depth appearance of the diamond. The certification can prove the authenticity of the diamond but looking at it personally can also add to your satisfaction that the quality of the diamond is indeed good.

Good Diamond Dealer 

Finding a good diamond dealer is equal to finding a good quality diamond. Once you deal with an honest wholesale diamond dealer then you can get a diamond with a good price as well as the attributes you desire. So check on the wholesale diamond dealers in Garland and find out which among them can give you a good dealer by checking on their backgrounds. 

Variety of Choices

Check on the Variety of Diamonds they have, if they have the latest diamonds it means they can be reliable when it comes to proving the diamonds their client wants. Having more varieties can be advantageous for you. 

What is the most important feature when buying a Wholesale loose diamond?

The cut should come on top of the list to check if you are purchasing a diamond. Since a poor cut can affect the durability and longevity of a diamond. So choosing a wholesale diamond dealer with a skilled diamond cutter can be a good choice. 

Now that you have an idea of 4 things you should know before buying wholesale loose diamonds in Garland then you can start shopping once you have listed the necessary details for your diamond.