Cushioning, Breadcrumbing, and Benching in Online Hookup Websites

Online Hookup Websites

Online adult dating sites and apps allow us to find and meet casual partners in an easy peasy way. Hookup sites shorten distances and save time. The popularity they gain permits them to change our social life aspects, and they also added new jargon to our language until we started to feel that hookup sites have their own slang and term. Before using online adult dating sites, it becomes necessary to know these slangs’ meaning, indications, and effects on us. Cushioning, breadcrumbing, or benching are terms that frequently appear on hookup sites, so you have to know them well before you start your adult dating journey. Before getting into it check out Daily Camera’s article about the hottest Free OnlyFansAccounts .


Cushioning is an online adult dating trend that has become popular in our modern era. As dating slang, it could be defined as chatting with multiple people simultaneously and showing interest in all of them while having a casual relationship with someone else, which means the other ones are only cushions, and none of them will get to the bedroom. Everyone is there for the same reason on hookup websites, finding a one-night stand simply and quickly, so cushioning is a total waste of other people’s time.

A woman might have got herself a no-commitment relationship with a man she met on a hookup website, but she still has multiple alternative cushions which might never get the chance. Similarly, a man could be doing that with several women on a hookup website.

Some consider the main motive behind cushioning is the fear of being alone, so an alternative plan is adopted, and there are other cushions!

Cushioning is considered a bad plan. If someone uses you as a cushion on a hookup website, you should start thinking about another option because you are one of the multiple cushions and might be wasting your time with a dead end. You want a quick one-night stand without all these complications.


The word’s literal meaning is to put bread crumbs for someone to follow the crumbs. You could understand that once you read the word. It indicates the same idea as hookup slang; you use flirtatious words and expressions with many people, whether via texting on social media apps or adult dating sites, to gain someone’s attention without making much effort.

It is a big waste of time for someone who landed on a hookup website to find a casual relationship quickly. Some people use mainly breadcrumbing for psychological reasons. They feel satisfied with themselves and have high self-esteem when they attract the attention of those around them, or maybe because they are narcissists, so they enjoy using others to gain attention and do not feel guilty or ashamed with that.

If someone is breadcrumbing you on a hookup website, don’t waste your time chatting or trying to get something out of it, and move on to the next person.


Benching in adult dating is somehow similar to cushioning in having connections with others while in a relationship. In the case of benching, you put some potential partners on a bench, so you have a backup if your current casual relationship ends. Another casual partner on the bench is waiting, so you have a spare! That is exactly the meaning of benching.

Many people on adult dating sites use benching while they are already hooking up with someone. They fear losing that casual relationship for some reason, so they have someone ready to spend the night with. Actually, those kept on the bench are not promised anything. Their relationship is kept foggy as the flirtatious way of texting connects them, but no actual action is made. However, any one of those put on the bench will suffer negative consequences on their psychological health if they knew they are an alternative plan. They will lose self-confidence and feel that they are inadequate.


As a user of online hookup sites, you will encounter many different terms used in online adult dating. You should be aware of all of them before starting using such sites. Cushioning, breadcrumbing, and benching are familiar slang to every online adult dating user since adult daters frequently use them. Those slangs are somehow similar to each other.