Lil Kim Plastic Surgery – The American Rapper Opens About Her Decision

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim plastic surgeryis taking over her rap career. Today, many talk about plastic-surgery-gone bad for the star. Besides, there is no doubt that Lil Kim is the leading female artist in Hip Hop. She is breaking records with her 25-year-long rap career. There are hip-hop artists such as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj who look-up to her. From her influence in the music industry Lil Kim is also famous for her fashion looks.

Today, Lil Kim’s plastic surgery is putting her into the limelight. Many wonder the reason behind her plastic surgery and what made the influential pop star make this move. Let us see more on how Lil Kim opens up about her controversial transformation after many years. 

The abusive relationship: The reason for multiple plastic surgeries 

From the beginning of her career, Lil Kim faces scrutiny for her looks. The audiences criticize her plastic surgery looks. It was visible that she did a Nose job at that time. In a 2005 Radio show, the pop star reveals shocking details of this transformation. In the show, she tells the reason to undergo a knife on the face. Lim Kim a pop star who seemed brave on the stage was in a vulnerable position. 

Her ex-boyfriend was abusive and even broke her nose many times. In the show, she confronts not being different from many women out there who face such abuses. Due to the abusive relationship she had to g0 through with pain, a broken nose, black eyes and much more. The American singer says that it is the reason to get multiple nose surgeries.

Lil Kim Before Plastic Surgery

 Her ex-boyfriend would beat her many times. Not only did her ex harm her physically but it did affect her mentally. As a result of all this abuse, Lil Kim became insecure about her looks. Kim shares, that there are many times she hid her bruises with makeup or said it was an allergic reaction. However, one day she thought to get over it through plastic surgery. 

Lil Kim plastic surgery: A descions to overcome insecurities and to feel good 

Lil Kim is a hip-hop icon with a spectacular career. Her unique take on lyrics and music did amuse many people. However, when it comes to her personal life Lil Kim was like other women who thought that it is ‘Okay’ to bear abuse. At that time Kim did not dare to stand up. Over time she thought to come out of the toxic relationship and love herself again. 

In this battle to love herself, Kim may not have chosen the right thing. Kim admits that she cheated on plastic surgery. The pop star thought that these surgeries could make her feel good. In a 2000 interview, Kim says that she changed her face as she pleased. Due to her insecurities, the rapper did not want to be a regular black girl.

Lil Kim

Due to her colour, she thought of herself as not ‘good enough’ for anything. Not only Kim’s ex-boyfriends but even her father did not like her. All the men she met put her down. Even to this day, Kim faces issues to feel good about her. She disagrees with the fact that she is a beautiful black woman. Now let us see what Lil Kim says about her surgery and how everyone should take it. 

Lil Kim says that plastic surgery does not have a right or wrong side 

Lil Kim the famous rapper believes that many women choose plastic surgery for many reasons. She opens up about how people did not think before criticizing her after-surgery looks. The Hip-hop artist says, As long as a person feels beautiful after the surgery people should not question their decisions. Kim needed surgery to feel good about herself. 

For others, she says that they should not think that these surgeries are the only way to look beautiful. Also, for the popular singer says that it is an insult that she is gaining more popularity for a nose job and face surgeries than a famed music career. Further, Lil Kim admits that she gets bored with her looks. Even though she is grateful for god given face she does feel the need to alter some of its features. 

However, she does not agree with people who judge her for undergoing multiple surgeries. More than the face Kim believes the personality is more important. Medical and personal are the only reasons for Lim Kim to take this decision. Also, she does not want her fans to make the same decisions about plastic surgery as she did. However, Lil Kim continues to inspire her fans, not through her face but through her exceptional musical talent. 


Lil Kim is a powerful hip-hop star of this decade. To know more controversial Lil Kim plastic surgeryread the above article. 

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