8 Bucks Party Ideas

Bucks Party Ideas
Multi-ethnic group of young men chatting and drinking beer on a rooftop party.

If you’re about to tie the knot and looking for some great bucks party ideas, there are some great options out there to choose from. Whether you’re on a budget or working with no confines at all, there’s likely a great option for you. Here are eight, great bucks party ideas to satisfy all types of budgets and preferences company outdoor picnic ideas.

1. Lawn Bowling Party

If you’ve never played lawn bowling, it’s a fun, outdoor game in which players roll a bowl and attempt to come closest to a target called a “jack” or a “kitty”. Lawn bowling is usually played in a designated bowling green play area, and these venues can often be rented for private events. Another, cheaper option is to simply play the game on your own lawn or on a friend’s. To make things interesting, a great deal of creative variations can be introduced to the game, or you and your friends can make some fun wagers based on game outcomes.

2. Private Box

Renting a private box for a bucks party can be a very exciting and exclusive experience for you and the gang. Many entertainment venues utilize private box areas, and sporting and music events top the list as most popular. Enjoy your own private selection of drinks, food, and even additional entertainment in your private box area.

3. Wine Tour, Pub Crawl

Another great option for a memorable night out with the group can be found by visiting some pubs or a winery or two. Pub crawls are great fun and can take the crew along a series of fun spots for the night. Likewise, some private time at one or more local wineries can also make for some great memories. It’s best to space out the drinks on these outings, though, so you don’t fizzle out too early.

4. Casino Night

Casinos offer an excellent opportunity for fun, food, games, drinks, and more, all in one place. Everyone can stick together and enjoy the different game areas as a group, or they can split up and then regroup for drinks, food, and any shows taking place at set times during the visit. An extra element of competition can even be added in by seeing who can take home the most winnings with the group having its own prize for the accomplishment.

5. Paintball Extravaganza

Paintball is an action-packed game that offers plenty of possibilities for group and individual fun alike. In paintball, everyone gets a gun, and it’s all-out war with few rules applied. If you have a certain friend or friends you’ve always just wanted to unload on, now is your opportunity. There are many types of games that can be played, and the weaponry doesn’t stop at just guns. Set off some smoke bombs and paint grenades, or for a major twist, try some games at night.

6. Cigar Bar

If running around and waging war isn’t your style, perhaps a leisurely evening at a classy cigar bar is the perfect outing to celebrate the upcoming marriage. Cigar bars offer a unique opportunity for lounging, socialization, and the sampling of many types of unique and flavorful products. Depending on the bar, you can also enjoy some great drinks and other, refreshing menu options.

7. Club Night

A night out at the club for your bucks party can offer an ideal mix of action and leisure, all based on your mood as the night develops. Many bucks choose this option for the location of their last stand, and for great reason. Enjoy limitless drinks, music, dance, and more in this perfect party atmosphere. Check out hypemakerz.com for eye-catching and visually appealing bottle service displays to make your party more entertaining.

8. Adventure Time

Finally, going on an adrenaline-filled adventure of some sort can be the perfect bucks party occasion. Some bucks who take this route choose to take the group skydiving, while other, popular avenues include diving, skiing, and even bungee jumping expeditions. If you’re the more adventurous sort, this may just be the best option for you.

Throwing a great bucks party is a fantastic way to memorialize such an important occasion as well as have some serious fun. There are many ways to do this, and these eight options represent just some of the excellent possibilities. Whatever you do, though, we hope you have the best bucks party Gold Coast has ever seen!