Raid Shadow Legends Best Legendary Champions

Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends is a free-to-play and massively multiplayer RPG game, with over 700 champions to play with!

These champions are further divided by rarity. There are five types of rarity in total: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. With common being the easiest to acquire and legendary being the hardest.

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Let us now take a look at the 3 Raid shadow legends best legendary champions.

Maranix (Attack)

Maranix belongs to the Dark Elves Faction. Overall, her kit makes her a great damage dealer. Her A2 allows her to apply a HEX debuff on the enemies, and her A1 is designed to deal more damage to enemies under the HEX debuff.

Her A3 is her main damaging ability; it allows her to attack all enemies and ignore a few buffs if the enemy is under the hex debuff. Maranix’s passive resets her A3, allowing her to deal more damage.

Maranix is a great pick for Fire Knight (dungeon), Spider and Eternal Dragon.

Shamrock (Support)

Shamrock is one of the underrated supports in Raid Shadow Legends. He is a great champion for early-game progression. His skill set allows him to provide great buffs and support to his team.

His A1 allows him to remove a random buff from the enemies and steal it for himself. He attacks twice and has 60% to remove it, making it a strong spell.

His A2 is an amazing support spell, allowing him to put an increase DEF, SPD and crit rate on his allies. He also places a Revive on Death buff on allies with low HP and has a 50% chance of placing a heal buff.

Shamrock’s A3 is a debuff spell that allows him to place a decrease SPD debuff on all the enemies for 2 turns. Finally, his aura increases ally accuracy in battle by 70.

Shamrock is a decent pick for Clan Boss, Hydra and the Scarab King.

Strategos Islin (Defense)

Strategos belongs to the High Elves faction. The skillset is designed in a way to protect his teammates during the battle.

His A1 allows him to put a provoke debuff on the enemy for 1 turn, and the chance increases to 50% when counter-attacking. His A2 attacks all enemies and has a high chance of decreasing the enemy buffs by 1 turn, as well as a high chance of placing a decrease SPD debuff.

Strategos’ A3 is a great protection spell for the allies. He places the Ally Protection and an increase DEF buff on the allies for 2 turns. He also places a counterattack buff and a shield for 2 turns.

His passive allows him to heal himself and his allies under the Ally Protection buff whenever he is attacked. This is what makes him a great defense champion. Finally, his aura increases ally accuracy in battle by 60.

Strategos is an excellent pick for Doom Tower and Magma Dragon and a great pick for Clan Boss, Hydra and Fire Knight (dungeon).

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