Line of Duty Season 6: Plot and Other Details (TV Episode 2023)

Line of Duty Season 6
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The sixth season of the hit BBC crime drama series “Line of Duty” has just ended. This is leaving fans on the edge of their seats. The show, made by Jed, follows the investigations of AC-12, a fictional anti-corruption unit within the police force. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in Line of Duty season 6 and why it’s worth watching in this article.

Line of Duty series 6: Release date, cast and plot

The Plot

The plot of season 6 centers on the investigation of the murder of a journalist Gail Vella. AC-12, an anti-corruption unit within the police force. They are assigned to the case to find her killer and uncover any corrupt officers involved.

As they dig deeper into the case, they discover that Vella’s murder is linked to a larger conspiracy. It involves a criminal organization known as the OCG (Organized Crime Group). The team must navigate a complex web of lies and to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice.

The Plot

The investigation takes many twists and turns, with unknown revelations and shocking moments. Some of them will keep us and the audience on the edge of their seats. The season continues with the reveal of the identity of “H”, the mysterious figure at the top of the OCG. Also, this leads to an explosive finale which you would not like to miss.

The Characters

One of the strengths of “Line of Duty” is its characters, who are complex. In Line of Duty season 6, we see the return of some familiar faces, as well as the introduction of new characters.

The Characters

Ted Hastings, by Adrian Dunbar, leads the AC-12 team with a no-nonsense attitude and a determination to uncover the truth. Detective Inspector Kate Fleming, played by Vicky, is a skilled investigator who is struggling to balance her life with her job. 

Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, by Martin, is dealing with the aftermath of an injury and the toll it has taken on him.

DCI Jo Davidson, by Kelly, is a new character brought in season 6 who becomes a key suspect in the investigation into Gail Vella’s murder. Her complex past and connections to the OCG make her a fascinating character to follow.

Patricia Carmichael, by Anna Martin, is a ruthless lawyer who is brought in to lead the case against AC-12. Her manipulative and calculating nature adds an extra layer of tension to the show.

Twists and Turns in Season 6

The twists and turns in Line of Duty season 6 are a major factor that keep viewers glue to their seats.

Throughout the investigation into murder, AC-12 faces unknown revelations and shocking moments. There are several moments where the investigation seems to be going in one direction. Only for a sudden turn to occur that changes everything.

Twists and Turns in Season 6

One of the biggest twists in the season is the reveal of the identity of “H”. He was the mysterious figure at the top of the OCG. Also, this revelation leads to a major shake within the police force and has far-reaching consequences for many of the characters.

There are also several shocking moments involving key characters. This includes the death of a major character that leaves viewers reeling. The season’s finale ties up many of the loose ends, but still leaves room for future twists in the story.

Why Should You Watch Line of Duty?

There are several reasons why you should watch Line of Duty season 6.

Firstly, the show is a masterclass in storytelling. The plot is gripping, with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seats. The characters are complex, adding an extra layer of depth to the show.

Secondly, the acting is superb. The cast, including Adrian, Vicky, Martin, Kelly, and Anna Martin, all give excellent performances. They bring their characters to life in a way that is both engaging and believable.

Thirdly, the show tackles important themes such as police corruption and the criminal justice system. It raises important questions about the role of the police in society and the importance of upholding the law.

Finally, Line of Duty season 6 Netflix is a great example of British television at its best. It showcases the talent of some of the best actors and writers in the industry, and has gained a huge following both in the UK and internationally.

What Happened In The Previous Seasons of Line Of Duty?

Line of Duty is a British police drama that has been on air since 2012. It follows the work of AC-12, an anti-corruption unit within the police force. They investigate cases of police corruption and misconduct.

In the previous seasons, AC-12 has a range of cases, each with its own twists and turns. The first season centers on the investigation of DCI Tony Gates. Also, he is a high officer who is suspected of manipulating crime statistics.

The second season focuses on the investigation of DCI Lindsay Denton. He is in lime light of being involved in a conspiracy to cover up the murder of a witness.

Seasons 3 and 4 deal with the investigation of the corrupt police officer. Also, the hunt for the elusive criminal master mind “Balaclava Man”.

Season 5 introduces a new character, Detective Sergeant John Corbett, who is investigating a crime group known as the OCG. AC-12 comes in contact with the investigation and uncovers a web of corruption within the police force.

Throughout all the seasons, they are led by Ted, by Adrian Dunbar. He is known for his no-nonsense attitude and his determination to uncover the truth. Also, other key characters include Detective Inspector Kate, by Vicky McClure, and Detective Sergeant Steve, by Martin.


Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or a newcomer, season 6 is definitely worth watching. It’s a proof to the show’s quality that it has managed to maintain its high standards after six seasons. Also it’s sure to leave you eagerly anticipating the next season. If you are curious and want to know more about Line of Duty Season 6 in this article.

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