Dinosaur with 500 Teeth (Nigersaurus) Need to Know About The Meme

Dinosaur with 500 Teeth

We might say that the web or its use can be strange at times for internet users. For example, when a user types the term dinosaur with 500 teeth? The Internet then made clear a strange side of findings. And, as internet users, we are searching for bizarre stuff on Google to satisfy our emotions and everyday activities. 

Plenty of us are now searching the internet to find out why a dinosaur had 500 teeth. Which dinosaur had 500 teeth? Therefore, never search what dinosaurs has 500 teeth, as well as any comparable terms or phrases. In this article we will tell you all things to know about this meme and why you should not search it.

What is Dinosaur with 500 Teeth Meme?

Don’t go looking which the dinosaur had 500 teeth. It is a simple joke that has made global on Reddit, and then a Reddit user creates this meme to create a sense of racism. And this prank has spread throughout various social media sites, causing harm to specific sorts of individuals and social groups.

When anyone of us who use the internet read about this popular meme, he must have search for it on the internet and got fast results from Goggle. But, we can tell you it’s a popular type of meme, and so many people are aware of it.

The search function on Google will then provide the details and origin of the Nigersaurus Dinosaur. Yet, a Google search for “dinosaur with 500 teeth” can leave people unclear as to what is the best thing for an internet user to do. This meme has already been spreading across the internet alongside lines like, “Don’t Google and I’m issuing you a warning to quit looking,” which have been led with memes.

Meaning of This Meme

This meme was made by a Reddit member. He intends to cause harm to a certain sort of community. As individuals become aware of this meme, they become guilty for sharing similar memes. They put the lines “Don’t Goggle or Stop Typing,” and I am advising people not to spread this meme on the internet. Internet users grew highly keen on discovering and understanding the significance with this viral meme, yet they were unable to do so due to the Google search engine’s double exposure.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth Meme

This meme has two meanings. As a result, this viral meme is gotten out across double meaning of this message to warn and discourage people from Googling the 500-tooth dinosaurs. And this item was originally put up in September 6th, 2019. And so this post originally made by a young Reddit member, and it was taken down from the internet & website.

Where Does It Starts and Got Viral

This meme was set up by a Reddit user or customer, and it quickly spread throughout all social media platforms. And all ages of individuals are growing more curious in this viral meme, so they search it with these keywords, and then they search it on Google with what dinosaur had 500 teeth?

This is a strange type of humour. “Google what dinosaur with 500 teeth” was put to use for the first time by an Internet user, and this prank, along with this Reddit user profile, has since been taken from his account. But, in December 2019, this joke spread throughout various Reddit forums and social media channels.

Worst mistake of my life is another phrase use in this meme. And so this meme had to start as just a code for racial insult by evil people who would say, “Alright dinosaur with 500 teeth“.

In January 2020, this joke was also spreading on YouTube. This meme got popularity after a YouTube user made a video based on it, of over 66,000 views. This meme went popular on TikTok, that has 500 teeth, then it got reactions from all sorts of videos, which all become viral contents.

The Google search result quickly become a popular meme. Several of us, as well as numerous others throughout the world, dubbed this meme “the most racially offensive dinosaur ever” for particular groups of people or cultures. Additionally, this meme is use by many big political individuals also. Furthermore, while some people are saying this meme with “African American Saurus is a mouthful,” others are not.

What dinosaur has 500 teeth

Is There a Dinosaur with 500 Teeth?

The title of this kind of dinosaurs has 500 teeth, which has become a significant reference to the sites of discoveries. This type of creature was found as in Republic of Niger, which is where all finds. They have built this country known as the Republic of Niger. Furthermore, in 1976, historians and palaeontologists found the bones of this type of dinosaur inside a West African country.

Also, they did not discover their names and kinds as a result of the finding. The authorities then naming this type of Dinosaur according to what they found. Therefore, until they were able in establishing the whole remains in 1999. The group’s main and leading title for recovering its remnants from Niger. It was led by Paul Sereno, an American palaeontologist.

Nigersaurus is the general and unique character of these dinosaurs. And they are and have been “Niger reptiles”. Nevertheless, the scientific name for this family of reptiles is “taqueti.” Which were focus on the French scientist Philippe Taquet. And Taquet was the first to discover the Dinosaur’s remains in 1976. As a result, he put the term Taqueti after the name.


We can sometimes push a prank or meme far enough in our search and thinking. Yet, we do not take these jokes and memes seriously because they can potentially harm people emotions and thoughts. This has the potential to cause significant damage to someone’s sensitivity. Hence, the next time you see someone in this position and getting the same search result, you should stop them from searching for dinosaur with 500 teeth.

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