Do You Know What Small Handwriting Says About Your Personality?

Small Handwriting

In graphology, the size of the handwriting plays a crucial role and you can easily analyze the samples using size. Using the size of the writing, they can find out several things such as

  • Writer’s communication level
  • Concentration level
  • Detail-oriented person 
  • Interaction capability

The size of the writing plays a vital role and shows how the writer is. Even one finds out the actions of the writer too. Based on the letter size, we can find out the feelings of the writer with other people. To analyze the size of the writing, graphologists concentrate on the letters in the middle zone. Such letters include a, m, e, o, n, u, v.

In general, we notice two types of writing sizes. They are

  1. Large Writing
  2. Small Writing

Large Writing:

In the case of large writing, it indicates the writer is not paying much attention to the details of the writing. But they like to communicate with others. 

Small Writing:

When you consider the Small Handwriting writers, they have a good concentration capacity and they will go deeply into everything they find.

The level of concentration in the case of small-size writers is much high. For example, some categories of people are having small-size writing habits. Some of them include,

  • Scholars
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Surgeons

All the above people usually got such positions because of their good concentration capacity. They will sit longer to focus on a particular work or task. For instance, great scientists like Albert Einstein and Newton had only small size writing.

Coming to the middle zone size of the writing, it shows other facts about writers. According to graphology, small-size writers are much focused and concentrated on their work. Some of the other facts include,

  • Small size writers will not have many friends
  • They have only a few people as their true friends
  • Small size writers are introverts as they are quiet and reserved
  • They can’t easily allow too many people in their life

Small writing will also depict other factors such as

  • Intellectual ability
  • Good reasoning power
  • Creativity
  • Reserved personality

Because of the above reasons, authors, scientists, and philosophers have a small writing style. They also wanted to stay away from the spotlight too. If some friends or other people force them to come into the spotlight, they will withdraw themselves from the situation or even the person. In most cases, they will not try to seek attention from the people. Thus, they are happy and introverted with their thoughts.

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Students who are having small size writing will have many talents with them. Their mental thinking capacities are always above the average level. They try to gather more knowledge from any place. Thus, simply they are good thinkers.

Small-size writers are generally shy in nature and stay quiet but thoughtful. Sometimes, they have a problem like self-esteem issues. It is like they will think like not being worth anything. Whatever goes wrong in their life, they will just blame themselves. With their insecure feeling, they will not mingle easily with others. Thus, writing very small is not recommended to anyone.


If you want to know about the qualities of small size writers, this article will explain to you the most.

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