Harnaaz Sandhu Wins The Miss Universe Title After 21 Years: Take A Look At What You Get If You Win This Prestigious Crown

Harnaaz Sandhu

You must be knowing that the crown of Miss Universe is one of the most prestigious titles in the world of beauty pageants. In fact, it’s a dream title for all models and celebrities. Especially, the diamond-studded crown is a piece of wonder that has been changed from time to time. Therefore, it has always remained a priceless object over the years and will continue to be.

So would you like to know more in detail as to what you get if you win this prestigious title? Let us now check out some fascinating details regarding what the winner of the Miss Universe title receives. 

What Do You Get If You Become Miss Universe?

This priceless crown has always been created by some of the finest jewelers in the world. For instance, in 2019, the new jeweler of Miss Universe Organization Mouawad jewelry created the Mouawad Power of Unity Crown. So you can well understand the significance and weightage of this priceless crown.


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However, unlike the previous winners of this title, Zouzbini Tunzi of South Africa and Andrea Meza of Mexico, of 2019 and 2020, Miss Universe 2021, Harnaaz Sandhu wore the most expensive crown. In fact, it was around 37 crores.

How Does The Priceless Crown Look?

As per reports, this Taj is inspired by nature, strength, beauty, femininity, and unity. The designers have crafted the crown from 18 karat gold, 1770 diamonds. 

Moreover, its centerpiece is a shield-cut golden canary diamond, weighing around 62.83 carats. Also, the designs of leaves, petals in the crown represent the communities of seven countries. 

What Is The Prize Money Of Miss Universe? 

Many of our readers are probably curious to know about the prize money that Miss Universe receives after winning this title. Unfortunately, however, the organization has never revealed the exact amount after winning this title. But you can well guess the massive amount, right? 

Moreover, she also gets to live in a luxurious apartment in New York that the designers specially design for Miss Universe. In fact, here she gets all the facilities like groceries, transport facilities, and everything for a year. 

What Other Rewards Does Miss Universe Receive Along With The Prize Money?

So by now, you must have well understood that just as winning this title is not easy; therefore, the winner receives all kinds of facilities that one can only dream of. For instance, the winner gets a team of assistants and make-up artists.

Also, she gets expensive makeup products, shoes, jewelry, skincare products, etc., for a year, absolutely free. Therefore, she can dress up as she likes for several important occasions. At the same time, the organization provides her with a team of the best photographers to make her portfolios. This helps her in modeling to a great extent. 

At the same time, the winner gets a professional stylist, nutrition, a personal nutritionist and dermatologist, and dentist. Also, she goes to several exclusive events, parties, and other high-profile events. Miss Universe also gets to travel the whole world, free of cost. However, the receiver of this title has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. The winner of this title also goes to various charity events.

At the same time, she goes to various press conferences as the Chief Ambassador of Miss Universe Organization. So you can well understand the weightage of this crown. 

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu Wore The Most Expensive Crown

This year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant was held in Israel. It is here that India could bring back the prestigious crown home after 21 years. The famous actress Lara Dutta was the last one who wore this crown in 2000. So the 21-year-old Harnaaz Sandhu made India proud by winning this coveted title. 

Moreover, this year’s Miss Universe crown was the most expensive one. The approximate cost of this crown is around 5 million US dollars. As per the Indian currency, it is more than Rs. 37 crore. 

Ending Note

As we conclude, we can say that the title of Miss Universe is not just the title of any ordinary beauty pageant. It holds a lot of responsibility for the winner. So here are our best wishes for Miss Universe 2021, Harnaaz Sandhu, who made our country proud with her beauty and wits.

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