Casino Games to Play for Fun

Casino Games to Play for Fun

When hearing about casinos, most people immediately think of grandiose resorts with massive gaming floors filled with rich people spending fabulous sums on games of change. But casino games are called ‘games’ for a reason – they are fun to play. Well, most of them. 

If casino games didn’t have an inherent entertainment value, there wouldn’t be a reason for the JackpotCity online casino to list a game library of hundreds of different titles – it would be enough for it to have one of each game type. But people play for fun at the JackpotCity, even when they wager money on their favourite games – the real stake is there to add some extra thrill to the mix, making the experience unique. 

Of course, there are plenty of options to play the same games for pure entertainment, with no money involved. The selection of casino games you can play ‘for fun’ is huge. Here are the casino games most people play not just for money but for their entertainment value.

Slot machines

There is something about slot machines that makes them attractive even with no real-money stakes involved. Perhaps it’s their simplicity, their very steep learning curve, their colourful nature or their ability to get you ‘in the zone’ that attracts millions of people to them, and not just in places where the real thing is unavailable.

Millions of players around the world play with apps like Slotomania or Big Fish Casino, Slot Online game collections that they can play exclusively for fun – with no real money involved. The slot machines available in them are almost as high-quality and just as entertaining than their real-money counterparts, and they come with fewer age-related restrictions, offering fun to anyone anywhere in the world.


Blackjack is one of the more unusual casino games. Where most games rely exclusively on luck, blackjack offers its players an element of skill, too – using the right strategy can turn it from a game of chance into something more.

Blackjack is a fast-paced game with a lot of action taking place in a short time. Unlike the slot machines, the game gives players a chance to decide how to proceed with their round based on their own cards and the cards shown by the dealer – the opponent in every round. This is perhaps the reason why it is a game that’s entertaining even when there is no real-money stake involved: beating the dealer can feel like a true accomplishment. 

Video poker

Video poker is a surprisingly fun game to play, even when there’s no money involved. It is a bit like a combination of the two games above: it has the pace of a slot machine and it does involve a bit of decision-making, too. 

Based on Five Card Draw, a popular poker variant, the game eliminates the long and tedious betting rounds, turning the game into a fast-paced alternative. This game may not cater to those enjoying traditional poker but is the perfect choice for those who want a quick way to play a few hands of poker without having to spend the time.

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