The Best Dessert E Juice Flavors in the World

Dessert E Juice Flavors

Craving something sweet? Barely holding yourself back from splurging at the local bakery? Don’t want to ruin your diet or rack up the calories? Well, we’ve got good news for you! With high-quality e juices from the one and only Velvet Cloud, you’ll be able to have your cake without having to eat it too! That means no cavities, no guilt, no broken New Year’s resolutions, and all the sweets you want. With high-quality Dessert E Juice Flavors like cookies, s’ mores, and doughnuts dipped in coffee, Velvet Cloud’s e juices will be the shining feature of your day, every day!

Are you the type who’s absolutely addicted to coffee? Two cups in the morning, a cup with lunch, and maybe one with dessert? All that caffeine sure adds up, but it’s just so hard to quit something that tastes so good. Well, Velvet Cloud’s got a great solution. They call the flavour Night Shift, probably on account of the rich, dark flavours of a semi-sweet bakery fresh chocolate glazed doughnut and dark roast coffee all mixed together with just a hint of velvet cream, like the twinkling of stars peeking out in the night sky. The real magic of Velvet Cloud’s dessert e juice flavours – and all their flavours, for that matter! – is the depth they create by layering different tastes. When you try their Night Shift blend, you aren’t getting a plain chocolate coffee flavour. You will taste the doughy goodness of a well-baked coffee shop doughnut, the silky sweetness of icing, and all the best notes of a rich Colombian dark roast as you send your senses on a full adventure. Night Shift is the best way to wake up, enjoy a break, or finish off the day on a high note, all without having to worry about caffeine jitters!

Of course, not everyone is a coffee person, and lots of people prefer the gentle sweetness of vanilla to the rich flavours of chocolate. If this sounds more like you, then Velvet Cloud’s Vanilla Custard flavour is sure to be your favourite. Just like with Night Shift, what you get when you order Vanilla Custard isn’t a generic vanilla flavour. You’ll taste realistic, creamy custard so perfect and warm you’ll swear you’re eating it, all with the beloved gentle sweet notes of vanilla that have always made this dessert a traditional favourite.

Speaking of traditional favourites, we couldn’t possibly finish this article without a glowing recommendation of Velvet Cloud’s beloved Campfire flavour. This one is so well-loved that fans have literally begged to be able to get their hands on it, and after just one taste you’ll definitely see why. Named for the centrepiece of every great summertime hangout, Campfire is the single greatest s’more flavoured e juice you’ll ever find.

Whether it’s raining, snowing, too cold to hike, or just too much trouble to get out to a fire pit in the middle of your busy week, you can always turn to Campfire to recreate that great summertime ambience in the comfort of your own home. With a delicious blend of graham crackers, chocolate, and perfectly toasted, melty marshmallows, Campfire brings the experience of making and munching s’ mores to you without any of the mess. Enjoy the cosy, toasty flavours of a true American classic anywhere, anytime, and make sure you stock up on this e juice, because you’re always going to want some more – or should we say, s’ more!

These are just a handful of all the great dessert e juice flavours that Velvet Cloud has to offer. There’s a whole range of super tasty desserts to choose from, like gingerbread cookies or butterscotch and fudge. No matter what your sweet tooth is craving, you’re sure to get your fix at Velvet Cloud. With flavours this good, you’ll never want them to end!