How to Make a Big Wedding Feel Personal

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Is your wedding day coming up? Then, you might be very stressed over the hassle of wedding planning. Some people want to have a grand wedding, but some would like to keep it as small as possible. But, in either case, people would prefer an authentic wedding where they could connect with everyone and celebrate the start of their new life joyfully as possible!

You might be wondering how a big wedding with hundreds of guests can have an intimate feel to it. But, fortunately, there are still some tricks and tips you can use to make your big wedding day as personal and special as you want it to be. We would recommend you hiring a best wedding planning company near your area as a wedding planning company can usually help you save time more!

Cosy Venues Are Better in Wedding Planning!

You can have your big wedding in the cosy venue. You might be confused on how to gather your long list of guests in a small space. But the trick to that is getting a venue with a lot of small rooms instead of one huge venue. You could divide up your wedding ceremonies in different rooms so that everything feels intimate and personal.

Personal Touch of Wedding Design is Always Appreciated:

Sure, you could have a big wedding with lavish decorations and luxury food but it won’t exactly reflect you and your partner’s life. In order to have a personal wedding, you need to add your personal touches in it. You could choose a theme for everyone to follow so that everyone feels like they’re attending your wedding and not just any random one.

For example, if you and your partner are huge fans of a movie or TV show, you could make your theme in accordance with the fictional universe you both mutually love. Or if you would like to keep things simple, you can add in small pictures and items from your house in the decoration of your big wedding. Moreover, the food should tell a story about you and your future spouse. Always choose your favourite music for your big wedding day because that will help add a personal touch as well.

Ensure Your Guests Are Socializing:

Big weddings are usually a lot boring for people because there’s rarely any opportunity to interact with everyone around you. Plus, the hosts are usually busy in ensuring everything goes smoothly. To guarantee this doesn’t happen and that everyone is having a nice time interacting with each other, have some socializing activities. For instance, there could be trivia games or fun dance games to help things get livelier and more fun. Being the hosts, you could know which of your guests would mingle with each other best so make sure you keep that in mind when planning the seating chart for your big wedding.

Have the Wedding on the Weekend!

To properly ensure you give proper time and attention to each of your guests and that everyone has plenty of fun, you could plan the wedding to be a two-day event. It could also be a destination wedding where everyone could take a vacation and associate really good memories with your wedding. It might be hard to plan it all on your own, so it’s all right to hire one of the many event planner companies in your area. Wedding planning companies will help you organize your wedding professionally and easily!

Soft Lighting Definitely Helps Best Wedding Planner!

In any event, lighting matters the most! It can change anyone’s mood. But imagine if you’re in a very brightly lit room and there are so many guests around you. Things might not seem that intimate in that setting. For that reason, you should use soft lighting to make even a huge space look personal and inviting. We definitely suggest you use candles to create a very warm ambience and setting for your wedding.