Why Choose Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is an Australian brand from 2001, that got a good fame in the US from 2002. It is now a part of Dish Network Corp, that not only owns it but also operates it properly. From plans to services, this prepaid carrier has ticked all the boxes. You can always stay assured that this prepaid carrier will always come with something that is the best for its customers. It has grown every year to reach to 8.77 subscribers that is the part of the family of this prepaid carrier. It goes on to show the trust the customers have on Boost Mobile.

If you compare with other major prepaid carriers in the US, you can see some have cheap plans, and some have a lot of services but provides them in expensive plans. Boost Mobile is unlike all of them. This prepaid carrier plays the middle game and has services for the customers of all the ranges. That is the major benefit of Boost Mobile in this business, as it can attract everyone as it has something for all the customers. So, sometimes choosing the services of this brand is something you do not need to think much about.

Let us see why choosing Boost Mobile is a no-brainer.

Boost Mobile Unlimited Data Plans

Boost Mobile is famous for providing two versions of many data plans. One is cheaper and the other is costlier. The cheaper one has restricted hotspot usage while the costlier one has higher hotspot cap. Leaving that aside, you can get unlimited data plans with Boost Mobile from as low 50 USD per month at the start. While it is for the individual, for families, the first line is 50 USD per month and for the rest lines you can get Boost Mobile unlimited data at just 30 USD per month. So, you can save up to 40 USD per month in having these extra lines. If you choose for 6 months plan you get more 10 USD off in your unlimited data plans. In this plan, you can use upto 35 GB per month high speed internet before getting restricted to unlimited 2G data till the end of the billing cycle.

The benefit of this plan is you can share 12 GB mobile hotspot and you get a huge family discount if you buy it for the whole family. The only loss is that you get restricted to 2G speed after 35 GB data ends.

Boost Mobile Cheap Plans

You can use this prepaid carrier with plans as low as 10 USD per month. Yes, you heard it right, as it is not Verizon or AT&T, it provides the best services in cheap prices. On the top of that if you have a family plan then you get more discounts and have same amount of fun. In 10 USD you get 1 GB of data. It is good for the people who use less internet and do not need to check many emails. You can also buy this for child.