Why Is Telehealth Becoming Mainstream During Covid-19 Spread

Covid-19 Spread

Telehealth Uses:

With the Covid-19 pandemic, people are struggling to go to hospitals. They couldn’t do general checkups with doctors. To help people, telehealth provides online access to see their doctors. 

Covid-19 causes the use of telehealth in a massive way. In 2019, only 11 percent of US consumers used telehealth. Now, almost 46% of consumers are using telehealth.

Covid-19 has already infected several crores of people. With the help of technology, we can fight against this Covid-19. Telehealth plays a crucial role in the current situation.

Telehealth is the main concept that encourages social distancing. It helps people to stay at home and take medical concern. Through video calling, people can consult doctors and take help.

Challenges In The Widespread Covid-19 Outbreak:

  1. A great need to isolate the Covid-19 patients from normal people. This includes the healthcare workers too.
  2. A great need to care for existing and new Covid-19 patients.
  3. A great need to test normal people. The need to check people seeking doctors for the Covid-19 test.

How Telehealth Provides Benefits For Patients And Doctors?

To control Covid-19, the clinical world uses Telehealth. For remote monitoring, you don’t require any hospital setup. The healthcare center is asking people to stay home safe. People can stay home and allows them to contact doctors online. Here we will discuss how telehealth helps them.

Controls Covid-19 Exposure:

WHO and CDC suggest people that they need to avoid going out. This is to control Covid-19 infection. Telehealth provides people different tools. Use these tools to stay home quarantine. Some of them include

  • Video Calling
  • Wearable Safety 
  • Tele-education
  • Remote Monitoring

The best thing about telehealth is the safety of doctors and staff. Doctors and staffs are at high risk. They have higher exposure to the virus. With the help of telehealth, doctors can diagnose patients remotely. Doctors are staying safe, which will reduce the Covid-19 infection.

Helps Providers To Accommodate More Patients:

With several cases of Covid-19, it is difficult for doctors to take care of patients. Telehealth helps providers to take care of serious patients. Other patients who require diagnosis can contact doctors online and get help. The diagnosis may take 15 minutes. Less serious patients can take the diagnosis and stay home separately for few days.

Meets Modern Technology:

The Healthcare department always looks for modern technology. Modern telehealth service provides great care and protection to patients. It allows the accommodation of patients remotely. 

Eases The Burden On Healthcare Practice:

With the increase of Covid-19 cases, doctors are suffering a lot. Doctors are getting an increased number of appointments. They are feeling stressed about increased appointments. Doctors are people like us. They too need to protect themselves from this infection. 

Telehealth helps them to perform their duties without any risk. Video calling helps doctors to connect patients online. They can diagnose patients easily. There is no risk of exposure for doctors and staff.

The Bottom Line:

There is no idea about when this pandemic comes to end. Every country is doing its best to battle against this deadly Covid-19. As of now, it is going worse. Many countries are suffering from great losses. 

This health condition requires support from people. They need to stay safe at home. People need to maintain social distancing to avoid infection. Telehealth offers a great option for people to get access to doctors for diagnosis.

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