15 Growth Ideas To Instantly Boost Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Growth Ideas To Instantly Boost Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Social networking sites have become a part and parcel of our daily life. We want to connect with users from all over the world. Therefore, Instagram is an amazing social media platform for social engagement.

So, in this Instagram craze, how do we boost our engagement? So in this article, we will share some ideas that will boost your Instagram Engagement Rate. 

Let’s Find Some Useful Method To Increase Engagement Rate In Instagram

So if you get more followers and engagement then don’t worry. Let’s find out some wonderful ways to increase more engagement. 

Follow The Trend 

It’s important to know what’s the new trend is. So, if you have that sorted, then it’s only a matter of time before you get followers. Suppose if you are aware of the trend, then you can post according to those. Therefore, people will be curious to know more about you. It’s also important for your business. 

Post A Lot of Content Everyday

Now that’s an important thing to do. You should post as much content as possible each day. In fact, it can be anything from your own picture to a celeb’s picture. Moreover, you can also post dank memes for laughs. People will like it a lot. 

Visually Attractive Catches More Eyes

So, you must know that the world of Instagram is a glamorous world. Therefore, you must ramp up the contents visually. Suppose you are posting a picture, make sure to filter it bright and smooth. Moreover, pictures with lower saturation seem to work wonders. In addition, try to give some natural light to pictures. 

Gifs Are Cool 

Next up is using gifs. Well, people seem to love gifs as well. Moreover, it has a better appeal than still photos. In fact, nowadays people are posting gif content more than pictures. It’s trendy and beautiful. So you should definitely check it out. Moreover, it’s also cost-effective. If your business launches a new product, you can make a cool Gif of that product and share it with your audience. 

Focus On Boomerang

So you have heard of boomerang right? Well, Instagram has this new feature of a boomerang. In fact, you can share it as your Instagram story. It’s a cool and funny way to present your cherished memories.

Posting Reels Is To Really Get ‘em Feels

Another great way to increase engagement rate in Instagram is to implement reels as your story. The reel is a cool new feature with which you can post your content. This will give you reach to many audiences.

Using Hashtags For Ultimate Reach

Hashtags are like the ultimate trump cards for success. Well, if you are completely stuck and cannot seem to get any views on your post, then definitely include some hashtags on your posts. 

Give Locations To Get More Audience

Who doesn’t like to have their memories recorded right? However, don’t allow your friend to ask ‘where did you take this shot, bro?’. So, Instagram has this cool feature with which you can add a location to your post. So, next time you are dining at a great restaurant, make sure to add the location while posting a picture with a smile. 

Collaboration With Other Users Is A Must

Instagram is all about that fresh engagement, right? So why not extend a hand to a fellow user? In other words, you can collaborate with another user on this social media platform. Therefore, share a collaborated content and get more engagement, more comments, more likes. It’s a sure-shot winner. 

Emojis Are Not Just For Chats

Well, there you have it. Posting cool emojis is not something new. However, a recent study shows that people are using a lot of emojis in their content. Moreover, users are making this a strategy to include emojis. In fact brands too, without losing a touch of formality present their ideas wonderfully. 

Time For A Quote

Using quotations is another cool way to get inspiration. Suppose you own a brand and want to reach out to more audiences. So, you can post a quote of success. Moreover, casual users can also post quotes of the day sort of thingy. It’s fun and unique and of course, it’s trendy. 

Get In Touch With Instagram Influences

Another great way to get engagement on Instagram is to take the help of the Instagram influencer market. Well, let’s face it. As a beginner, you might have some trouble getting engagement for your brand. Therefore,  you can leave that rough task to someone who knows the platform really well. Moreover, people do follow the influencers. 

Posting Those Cool Memes To Good Effect

And of course, Memes. This is another great content idea to get engagement. For example, you have watched a show recently. Therefore, you can post memes regarding that show. In addition, posting memes can be really good for boosting the engagement rate.

Using Polls Is Fun

Who doesn’t like some fun and mirth right? Posting polls can be great to know the preferences of your audience and open the door for engagement. So it’s really cool to use this poll sticker feature. 

Finding The Right Time To Post Content

Well, this is perhaps a bit underrated but surely important. You should find the right time to post your content. For example, keep a track of your followers and what time they come online. So, you can post your content according to that time period.

Final thoughts:

That’s all folks. Hopefully, these ideas will improve your engagement rate on Instagram. Moreover, it’s all about connecting with people, so be passionate and exude passion.

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