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Mel m Metcalfe

Mel M. Metcalfe III is a filmmaker who worked on films like Holiday on the Moon (1994) and Requiem (1995). He was the former husband of Portia de Rossi. She is an Australian-American businesswoman and former model. Now she is with the popular comedian and talk show personality Ellen Degenerous. Metcalf’s ex-wife suffered because of his affair with her sister-in-law Renee. This broke the family apart. Know more about Mel m Metcalfe lll here. 

The background information of Mel m Metcalfe lll

Not many details about the Metcalf are available on the internet. But he may be now between forty to fifty years old. His ex-wife Portia is forty-seven years old. Metcalfe’s place of birth is the United States. The name of his brother is Scott Metcalf. He is now with Renee Kappos who was the wife of Portia’s brother. He is available on Instagram with the id @melmmetcalfeiii. 


Metcalf is a filmmaker specialized in making documentaries and talented at photography and editing. He is available on Instagram and posts information about the documentary he releases from time to time. One of his popular documentaries is The Priestess 2007. Many people view his documentaries because they talk about many exciting matters. He is great at his job. Many are expecting more films in the future. 

Personal life 

Metcalf is living with his wife Renee Kappos. She is his second wife. In 2020 his wife posted about how they are celebrating their fourteenth anniversary. She shared how amazing Metcalf is in living life. Even Though they both have seen a rollercoaster of problems in their life they endured it all because of Metcalf’s positive attitude. She also posted her wedding photos. 

Metcalf was firstly married to Portia. In her memoir ‚ÄėUnbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain‚Äô Portia revealed how devastated she and her brother were when Mel m Metcalfe and Renee ran away. Portia and her brother consoled each other as they got cheated by their spouses. She also wrote in her memoir that she married Metcalf to get a green card but never went about it. The love in their relationship was long lost. That is the reason why Metcalf fell in love with Renee and sabotaged his relationship with Portia.¬†

Metcalf and Renee dated for some years and got married. He divorced Portia in 1999. Then a year later Portia met Ellen and they married. She came out of the closet as a lesbian and fell in love with Ellen. Now the former husband and wife are in a good relationship with their respective spouses. 

Information about Portia  

Portia Lee James DeGeneres is a well-known businesswoman and philanthropist. She worked formerly as a model and actress. She became famous for her role in Ally McBeal. Then she appeared as Lindsay Bluth F√ľnke on the sitcom Arrested Development. Now, she is the founder of the art company General Public. Her age is now age 47.¬†

Her birthplace is Horsham, Victoria, Australia and her place of birth is 31 January 1973. She got married to Metcalf from 1996 to 1999 to get a green card but felt that the relationship was no good for her. In 2010 she said that she was also fearful of getting exposed as a lesbian when she was a young actress. After divorcing Metcalf she started a relationship with Francesca Gregorini. The couple’s photos got leaked and then her family members and the world came to know about her sexual orientation. But she did not come out public. 

In 2004 Portia started to date DeGeneres as they both met backstage during an awards show. Then in 2005, she revealed her sexual orientation in an interview. Then she got engaged with DeGeneres. They tied the knot at their Beverly Hills home. She also became a citizen of the United States in September 2011. 

Portia and Ellen are doing many philanthropic works together. They have got many pets in their house which are either rescued or adopted.  She is also supporting many organisations like Locks of Love that offers human hair wigs for the children suffering from alopecia and cancer. The couple is also supporting The Gentle Barn, a sanctuary in California that is saving abused animals. 

Portia never talks about her husband Metcalf anymore. They are not on talking terms with each other. Although they must have forgotten the old matters they do not wish to meet each other. 

The Net Worth of Mel m Metcalfe lll

As Metcalf is a documentary filmmaker his net worth estimate may come to $1 million. He is living a simple life with his wife Renee. On the other hand, the net worth of his ex-wife is $50 million as she is a famous businesswoman. He is still making many documentary films. 


Mel m Metcalf lll is not a very popular personality however he is an excellent filmmaker. He left his wife Portia to start a new life with Renee. He does not speak about his past life and is focusing on his present.

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