Now You Can Get Your E-PAN Card Only In Seven Days

PAN card online

This information is regarding E-PAN card application. It gives information about Indian residing in UAE can get their E-PAN card.

If you are an Indian national and require a PAN card while staying in UAE, there is good news for you. The Indian expats in UAE can apply now for getting a PAN card at the Ghurair International Exchange branches in the UAE.

Who Can Apply?

Both Indian citizens and NRIs can apply for a PAN card online who have a taxable amount of income in India or abroad. These incomes are stocks, bank deposits, property or other financial instruments.

Where One Can Apply?

Recently, the Al Ghurair International Exchange is the second organisation to open this facility for all the non-resident Indian so that they do not have to travel to India to get their PAN cards done. These service costs Dh150and it was introduced on November 25th across all the branches of the organisation.

So Why is a Pan Card Necessary?

PAN Card is a necessity and mandatory for a lot of reasons and these are as follows:

  • If you plan to open a new bank account you will need your PAN card as one of the most important documents. Your PAN details in the application form is a must be it a private or public bank.
  • If you wish to buy a new property, you will require submitting your PAN details. Same is the case when you plan to sell a property. This is applicable when your property (for both selling and buying) is 5 lakhs or more.
  • For selling or buying a new vehicle worth 5 lakhs or more requires your PAN card.
  • For any kind of investments, you will need your PAN card. Be it an FD, stock or mutual funds, your PAN details is going to be your vital documents.
  • Always carrying the PAN card is another necessity while you are travelling. For both leisure and business travel PAN card is mandatory. In case of the foreign tour and you spend 25000; you will need to submit PAN details.
  • Application to open an account as a share broker may get rejected in most cases if you fail to submit your PAN card details. In share market PAN details is necessary.
  • From banks to NBFCs, no lender will approve your loan, if your documents do not have PAN card details. Be it education loan, personal or home loan, PAN card is a type of document that you cannot forget to submit.
  • While applying for a credit or debit card, your card issuer company will ask certain documents to submit. PAN card is one of those documents that are mandatory. Without PAN you will not get approval for your credit card and it will affect your credit score.

Necessity of PAN For Foreign Citizens

One who wishes to open a new business in India or plan to invest in the country being a Foreign citizen, need to have a PAN card. So, it is all the same procedure for foreign citizens just like the Indian citizens. The basic difference of the application process is that the Foreign citizens have to choose the Form 49AA instead of Form 49. This form has to be filled completely and then submitted to the concerned authority. One can do this online following the step by step guidance. But the best part to apply for a PAN is to get it done by a consultant firm who can represent your application on your behalf.

Staying in UAE makes a lot of difference for an Indian to get their PAN card in UAE application done successfully. That is why one must find a suitable organization that will do the work for them.


Foreign applicants can easily apply for their PAN card through an online portal. And while staying in UAE, the whole process can be done by Al Ghurair International Exchange branch. All you need to do is get it done as soon as possible. There could be several delays because you do not possess your PAN card. So, apply today and get your E-PAN card at the earliest. All you need to do is submit all the required documents in order and facilitate the process. You will receive the e-card within 7 days while the physical card may take 20 to 25 days to reach you.