20 Mind-Blowing Instagram Stats & Facts You Should Know

20 Mind-Blowing Instagram Stats & Facts You Should Know

In this world of social networks, people are aware of the name Instagram. It is one of the largest photo and video sharing platforms out there on the digital web.  Moreover, it’s also a place where the brand and business owners can engage with the audience and promote their stuff. 

Throughout the years, Instagram has evolved exponentially. Therefore, there are many facts and figures to this platform. In this article, we will share and discuss some of those stats and facts that you may not know about Instagram. 

Here are some interesting stats and facts about Instagram

So without further ado, let’s get started. These are some of the most interesting and wholesome facts of Instagram Stats. 

1. Facebook Paying A Whooping $1 Billion To Buy Instagram in 2012

You probably know that Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, but the amount was a huge one billion. However, there are some users who don’t even know that Facebook now owns Instagram. 

2. People Are Uploading Around 990 Pics Per Second

Talk about a number! Instagram is all about that sharing stuff. But, who would have known that the number is so high? Therefore, users are posting almost a thousand pictures per second. 

3. More Than 4.2 billion Likes on Instagram Is a Daily Affair

We know the like feature from Facebook. So, on Instagram too, the like feature is a great interactive thing. Moreover, people use it most on the platform. So this is another great statistical fact. 

4. There Are Over 1 Billion Active Instagram Monthly Users

Instagram users love to share their sweet time browning through the platform. Moreover, since it offers a high engagement rate, there are many active users on this social media platform. In fact, the number is now 1 billion active users per month. 

5. More Than 5 Million Videos On The First 24 Hours 

So, after Instagram launched their video feature back in 2013, users uploaded more than 5 million videos in the first 24 hours itself. However, it’s not a surprise at all. 

6. Most Shared Food On Instagram

Do you like pizza? Well, certainly most of the people seem to have a craze for this food. Hence, users shared photos of this food the most number of times. 

7. Total Of 80% Increase Of Users Watching Video

So, since the inception of the video feature back in 2013, there’s been a rise in popularity. Therefore, users nowadays are watching a lot of video content on Instagram. Moreover, there’s a total of 80% increase. 

8. More Than 2 Million Advertisers On Instagram Each Month

So, did you check those sponsored ads? Well, there are a number of advertisers on this social media network to increase the engagement rate. Currently, there are 2million adversities on Instagram per month.

9. People Love Video Content More Than Photo 

Another great fact is people prefer video over pics. According to the stats, there’s twice the engagement rate for video content than pics.

10. Instagram Is The 2nd Best Social Network In Terms Of Engagement

While Facebook still holds the crown, Instagram too has become the 2nd best social network. Moreover, people love this platform for all the features and stuff. 

11. Around 80% Are Personal Accounts On IG

While brands and business owners are creating a business account or professional account for their promotion, there’s a staggering number of personal accounts on IG.

12. More than 54% of Users Are Women

Now that’s another fact that more than 53-54% of users are women in the US. Moreover, since it’s only in the US, then you can imagine the stat for the rest of the world. 

13. In India Around 120 Million People Use Instagram

It’s not surprising to find this stat. Moreover, India’s population and craze for social media are so high that 120million users may seem really low. 

14. More than a 140Million Users In The US

So, there are many users in the US who love to use Instagram. Moreover, it’s amazing for the new business owners to showcase their business and promote their brand. 

15. Around 90% of Users Follow A Brand

Since Instagram is a really cool platform for brands to expand their reach. Moreover, this stat shows the massive craze for brands and businesses. In addition, Instagram has just over 25 million accounts for the brand. 

16. 500 Million Users Sharing Moments With Story A Day

So, the craze for stories is beginning to show in the stats as well. Since it launched, there’s rapid popularity for it. Moreover, according to research, more than half of users of IG are using story features. 

17. Major Users Of Instagram Are In-Between 25-34

So, it’s another fact that’s not surprising. This 25-34 years age group is the working group. Moreover, around 31% of the people are in this age group. 

18. 89% of People Outside The US Uses Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking platform. Therefore, more than 89% of people outside The US are using it. 

19. 150 Is The Average Number Of Followers 

Since Instagram is all about engagement, people love to follow others. Therefore, according to a study, a person on average has about 150 followers. 

20. Reels Has Become A Trendy Stuff

Last but not least, The feature reels have captured the mind of the audience. Therefore, people are sharing mandatory reels per day. 

Final thoughts: 

So, folks, these were some of the cool facts and stats about Instagram. It’s nice to know more about your favorite social media platform.

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