Beyonce First Boyfriend: Regrets Cheating His First Love Multiple Times

Beyonce First Boyfriend

Today not many talk about who is beyonce first boyfriend? The American singer has married Jay-Z and they are a power couple in the music industry. For about 10 years there is no rumour about Beyonce’s dating life. The Pop-star started dating her husband at the age of 21. 

It is a surprise to know that Beyonce did not date many people in her 20s. However, this does not mean that Jay-Z is her first boyfriend.  Beyonce’s first boyfriend is Lyndall Locke who is the queen’s high school sweetheart. Some may wonder why it is necessary to talk about her first boyfriend when she is happily living with Jay-Z. 

The fact that Lyndall Locke gave an interview about his past relationship with Beyonce sparks rumor’s. Let us see what the old flame of Beyonce says about her and why he thought himself has not ‘good enough’ for Queen B. 

Lyndall Locke Beyonce

Beyonce’s first boyfriend Lyndall Locke rekindles his moments of love 

In The Mail, Lyndall Locke opens up about his first meeting with Beyonce at the age of 12. They both met each other at a church teen group. At that young age, both of them did cute activities together. Lyndall recalls how the couple went to the movies and went out to eat chicken.

 He says how sweet their relationship was as two cute kids. Lyndall Locke adds that he and Beyonce were kids who were in ‘Love for the first Time’. Also, at that time he did not have any clue that his sweet little girlfriend’s career will take off exceptionally. Further, he reveals details of how the childhood sweethearts kissed for the first time at a concert. 

Lyndall Locke Beyonce first boyfriend shares why did he breaks up and did not feel good enough 

Young love is sweet and a memory to cherish for life. For Lyndall, he thought to leave this experience as he saw Beyonce leading in her career. The American singer was living a double life that is a normal and a pop singer life. From a young age, she was rehearsing for local music shows. Her parents were watching her all the time to help her concentrate on music. 

Lyndall Locke Beyonce

Lyndall Locke shares, that whenever Beyonce had a downtime she spent it with him. Also, he reveals how much she enjoyed the ordinary life with her first Boyfriend. ‘How great it is to be Normal’ is what Beyonce said to her first boyfriend at the prom. However, Lyndall Locke always felt left out as he was not a part of her music career. He does not blame Beyonce for this as she always spent hours speaking to him on phone. Still, when Destiny Childs’s first album was released Beyonce was a famed singer.

 Each day he saw Beyonce’s popularity grow and also thought that he is not good enough for her. As much as he thought that he is no part of her life he also worried about his first love leaving him one day. Due to all these reasons, Beyonce’s first boyfriend thought that someone influential like Jay-Z is perfect for her. Also, he does not have hard feelings now but regrets cheating on Beyonce several times. 

Beyonce’s first boyfriend regrets cheating on a girl as beautiful as Beyonce 

Lyndall confronts, that as growing up there were many changes in his life. Staying loyal to Beyonce was difficult for him. With regrets, he discloses that Beyonce went on Destiny’s tour and at one time he slept with another woman. Over the years of his relationship with the Pop star, Lyndall has cheated on her many times. He told her the truth after breaking-up. 

Beyonce's first boyfriend

Even today, it is upsetting for him to have cheated on a girl as beautiful as Beyonce. He takes all the blame for ruining their sweet relationship and hurting her. He shares about the time he spent with Beyonce backstage at her concerts. Her lifestyle was luxurious which also left him feeling more unworthy. He also saw the famous singer getting close to Jay-Z. One time he asked her whether she liked Jay-Z? in response she tells that he is not her type. No wonder Beyonce had any idea that he would be her future husband. 

Still, the pop singer wanted to take a break from her first boyfriend when Locke also thought to leave the 10-year-long relationship. All these years Lyndall did not speak about his connection with Beyonce. However, due to his regrets of cheating on her, he conveys his feeling in public. Now Lyndall Locke is a caterer and a father of two sons. He says about never being this happier with his children and a caring wife. Also, Lyndall believes Beyonce does not hate him no matter what he did to her in the past. 


Beyonce’s first boyfriend discloses new details about his past relationship with the star. You can take a look at the above article to know his take on dating experience with Beyonce. 

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