Who is Julie Cypher’s Husband? Some Facts to Know About Their Married Life

Julie Cypher Husband

Even with the best effort, not all get success. That is the case with Julie Cypher. Even though she didn’t succeed as a filmmaker, she became popular for something else. She was the first same-sex power couple in the industry and a famous LGBTQ rights activist. You can say that she always got the headlines during the 1990s. To know more, just swipe up!

Fast facts about Julie Cypher and her husband

  • Matthew Hale is the husband of Julie Cypher. The couple exchanged their vows in 2004 and enjoys their married life for more than 16 years.
  • Julie’s ex-husband name is Lou Diamond Phillips, who is an American director and actor.
  • After the divorce, she was in a relationship with Melissa Lou Etheridge.
  • Using artificial insemination, they have a daughter and a son.
  • They separated when Julie found out that she is not gay but straight.

Who is Julie Cypher?

Julie Cypher is a filmmaker and an LGBT rights activist. She first came into the spotlight when she ended her marriage and revealed that she was a lesbian. Back in the day, not many had the courage to reveal their gay/lesbian relationships. But not Julie. She ended her marriage with Lou Diamond Phillips and was in a relationship with Melissa Lou Etheridge. After that, she was again at the centre of controversy because she said she is straight.

What is the current relationship status of Julie Cypher?

Right now, Julie Cypher is a married woman with children. She tied the knot in 2004 with Matthew Hale. And she has been in this relationship for more than 16 years. Of course, this was not the start of her love life. She has been through ups and downs to find her sexual orientation. 17 years ago, before her marriage with Mathew Hale, she was actually married to Lou Diamond Phillips. She ended her bond with the American director and actor when she found out that she liked women.

Past relationships of Julie Cypher

First, she was a married woman to an American director, Lou Diamond Philips on 17th September 1987. They split up after being 3 years married when she wanted to be with Melissa Lou Etheridge. Because she realized she liked women, she got a divorce to end her marriage. Then, she had a lesbian relationship with an American singer and guitarist, Melissa. Since same-sex couples couldn’t legally marry those days, they didn’t tie the knot. And they had children through artificial insemination.

Julie Cypher’s children and their sperm donor

During her relationship with Melissa, the couple had a daughter and son with the help of artificial insemination. The daughter, Bailey Jean, arrived on this planet in February 1997. Beckett Cypher, their son, came along one year later in November. After some time, the couple made a huge reveal about the sperm donor. It was none other than the famous musician David Crosby who is the biological father of their kids. His total net worth is $40 million dollars.

Why did Julie and Melissa break up?

In 1999, during a therapy session, Julie Cypher had a slip of tongue by saying she was never gay. In the end, this led to their breakup in 2000.

The bottom line

Even though Julie Cypher had a lot of turns in her life in finding her love, in the end, she did it. And the proof of that is her married life with Matthew Hale. From the online pictures and statements, it looks like the couple, Julie and Matthew, are going strong.

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